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Tennis was one of the hallmark razors produced by Solingen's legendary Fritz Bracht. These razors were known for good steel and topnotch quality in every way. That is the case with this 5/8 carbon steel Fritz Bracht Tennis. The razor is in near mint condition except for a few water marks — Satan lives in the water in my neighborhood. Since I rarely shave with the 5/8 razor, this one has graced my Hollywood face probably fewer than six times. I'm sure the scales are not original. They are in perfect shape, however, and the blade closes dead center in them. I have honed the razor to perfection — for me, and perhaps for you also. This razor is not only a great shaver, but it is also a collector item. The price is $150 U.S. shipped. Overseas is a wee bit extra. No trades, please, and no returns. Paypal is fine. Thanks.
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