08-31-2013, 09:18 AM
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I need to raise funds to buy a new iron set for my younger brother. He’s playing varsity golf for his high school team this year. (Sigh) I just bought a whole bunch of new stuff this month, and I have to let them go. He has his eyes on a Mizuno MP-59 set, which runs for $1000, so I need to make money. All of the shaving gear is brand new, never used.

All prices include shipping. Shipping to Canada will be $5 more.

1) Above the Tie Titan H1 (Brand New) - Sells for $185. I'll ask for $165 SOLD

2) Ikon Bulldog II Handle (Brand New) - This is the 85mm bulldog II polished handle. Sells for $50. Asking for $45 SOLD

3) Ikon OSS Razor Handle (Brand New) - Considered a factory second, but it is brand new. Nice length and heft. Sad to let this one go – Asking for what I paid: $42 SOLD

4) Dr Harris Windsor Shave Stick (Brand New) - $15 N/A

If you combine, I will reduce the cost to reflect combined shipping.

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