09-03-2013, 12:52 PM
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I found a bottle of this locally at Wally's. (Wal-mart). I was stoked to buy a bottle because before cart shaving I had always used Nivea canned goo and balm.

This stuff is new to my location, as there had never been an A/S splash available from Nivea as long as I have lived here. (15+ years.) Only balms.

Anyhow, Nivea doesn't disappoint with this. It's a light soapy, clean kind of fragrance that is sure not to offend. It's one of the first scents that my wife has actually stated that she likes, without being asked for her opinion. In fact she's stated that it's her favorite. For a splash, I was actually able to feel the moisturizing properties after the first use. It didn't dry my skin, and it certainly compliments the tube of Nivea shave cream. Oh, and it comes in a glass bottle. Cool

I would say this stuff is fit to be used around the office, a night out with friends or the Missus...anywhere. It's masculine but not overbearing.

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