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Here are lots odds and ends that I would like to sell or trade.
Prices listed are CONUS.
For trade I am looking for a Semogue SOC 2 Band, Various Creams or Soaps, Polsilver Blades. I'll consider anything else interesting you have to offer. I just really like to trade for new stuff!

Made Rite 150 with TGN Finest Knot--Great brush! $35

Made Rite 52 with original badger knot. I love the handle! This would be an awesome brush for someone who knew who to replace the knot. $15

[Image: tjorB6H.jpg]

RazoRock R160 Cream--Purchased new and scraped the cream off the lid. Bowl is untouched. $9.00
Speick After Shave--55% $9

87 Feather Yellow $25
80 Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow $20

All of the remaining blades are trade only.
10 Flying Eagle--Chinese
10 Tian Tian--Chinese
2 Bolzano
5 Wilkinson Sword Classic
5 Super Gillette Blue--Chinese
2 Bic
4 Personna Blue
6 Gillette 7 O'Clock Green
3 Bluebird
1 7 AM Platinum

I will trade the Feathers or Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow's for PolSilvers. Any of the remaining blades I will trade for Astra SP, or I'll consider other blades that I haven't tried yet.

Gillette Sensor Handle--$6 with any other purchase or trade.

Vintage Old Spice Bottles--$28 for all
Talc Bottle--White Milk Glass--Shaped like traditional A.S. bottle
Talc Bottle--White Milk Glass (Smaller size)--Rectangular
1 Plastic Old Spice Cologne--Looks like it came from an old travel kit. About 50%
Pre-Electric Shave Lotion--While Milk Glass 75%
Old Round Old Spice Deodorant Tube--Perfect for a shave stick.
[Image: IMG_2334.jpg]

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