09-10-2013, 01:40 PM
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Hi all,

Trying to combine some new products we have in this thread that we will update whenever there's more news.

We were asked if we could add the Williams cream for sensitive skin and we did, but all boxes were dented so they are going at a lower price

[Image: Williams%20Sensitive-500x500.JPG]

We also received some special Italian toothpastes for you to try

[Image: arberb%20sbiaccante-120x120.jpg]

[Image: arberb%20menta%20salvia-120x120.jpg]


Furthermore, we will soon have new TFS soaps in their "Linea Tradizionale" of which we already have the barbe rosse and barbe blu.

[Image: Tcheon_Fung_Sing_4df451da16807-120x120.jpg]

Both great soaps, great performers at even greater prices.


So, stay tuned for more news, we will surely add some special things in the next months!

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