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I've enjoyed using traditional straight razors, but now they're just not getting used. They're taking up space and gathering dust. I would rather have someone else take them over and show them some appreciation.

All of the razors are priced at $25 --REDUCED NOW $20--, including CONUS shipping. SOLD The strop SOLD is $40 --REDUCED NOW $35--, including CONUS shipping. If you would like to purchase everything, then I'll give it all up for $95--REDUCED NOW $80--, including CONUS shipping. I'm also open to trades. If you have something interesting then let me know. There is a free vintage coffin case for anyone who buys something and wants it, just let me know.

SOLD The Col. Conk/Dovo hanging strop SOLD has a few nicks toward the handle, but is in otherwise excellent condition.
[Image: 7ezamyny.jpg]
[Image: mezynupa.jpg]
[Image: de3eqane.jpg]
[Image: egegaza8.jpg]

The P.H Hahn is a 5/8 full hollow square point and can be shaved with as is, but the edge is a bit harsh and could use a touch up. P.H. Hahn was an importer of German razors who existed only for about eight years during the 1880s, so this razor is from somewhere between 1881 and 1889. There are some minor water marks on the blade, but no pitting. There is a small crack by the pivot, but this does not affect the razor in any noticeable way.
[Image: edutajas.jpg]
[Image: jy2e3eba.jpg]
[Image: yqunezy4.jpg]
[Image: qa2agu5a.jpg]
[Image: va5a4udu.jpg]
[Image: esaruhuz.jpg]

The Sterling Mfg. is a 5/8 extra hollow round point. Sterling Mfg. was the name for several different razor manufacturers and importers. The only one that I know of that was based out of New York existed from the late 1880s until around 1915. The razor has some tarnish on the blade, but the edge is fine. There is a crack on the non-pivot end of the scales, but this does not noticeably affect the razor in any way. This razor can be used as is, but the edge is a bit harsh and could use a fresh honing.
[Image: are4ene9.jpg]
[Image: e4e4evyr.jpg]
[Image: uvury9aj.jpg]
[Image: 7yhupeny.jpg]
[Image: enapazyb.jpg]

Last, but absolutely not least, is a Robeson ShurEdge 4/8 round point. I am not sure of the grind, but I believe it is a 1/2 hollow. Robeson was an American manufacturer that existed from 1907 all of the way into around 1991. It's anybody's guess just when this razor was made, but it's a nice one. The edge does need to be honed.
[Image: nyjapu6y.jpg]
[Image: 2equgyhy.jpg]
[Image: e8uve6ym.jpg]
[Image: bu5e8y2e.jpg]

Here is the coffin case:
[Image: eryqeze8.jpg]

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The pices have now been reduced. It is now $20/straight razor, $35 for the Col. Conk/Dovo strop, or $80 for everything. All prices include CONUS shipping.

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What is the strop width and stropping length?

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The Strop is now sold, but all three razors are still available for $20 each, including CONUS shipping or all three for $45, including CONUS shipping.

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