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COMBINATION SALE: Buy the Sticky, Single Ring and Russian razor for $95 shipped US.

I posted in the Parlor about my wish to participate in some of the winter sports here in NH. As some of you might know, winter sport equipment is expensive, and I decided to sell stuff from one hobby to fund the other.

In addition to the skiing/skating stuff, I also want to buy a Surly Pugsley, so that I can ride over the snow here in the winter. I've been wanting to buy one of these bikes for a long while.

Anyway, all this takes money, and I'll try to sell shaving stuff to fund as much of it as I can. So, any of your purchases here will be going to that cause..........and also the most likely outcome of me breaking a bone or more. Biggrin


All prices include US shipping. I will not ship overseas, due to the issues with tracking. Please pay using Paypal.

PM me if interested. I may be interested in trades, but I have a very select few items I'm looking for (Lather catchers, BRW handles or razors).

The DE razors:

1) Wilkinson Sticky - $75 shipped US.

This is a lovely razor. It feels great and works well. It is mild, but can give a great shave. This one has a crack on the back (pictured), that will not affect the shave and it has been stable, so I doubt it will be a problem. Otherwise, the razor is in great shape.

[Image: temporary-107.jpg]

[Image: temporary-106.jpg]

[Image: temporary-105.jpg]

SOLD!! 2) German Bakelite Slant - $55 shipped US

This is the renowned Bakelite Slant, that gets a lot of press here on the forums. It is a lovely shaver (if light), and this one is in lovely shape.

[Image: temporary-103.jpg]

SOLD!! 3) Barbasol Non-Floating Head DE razor - $60 shipped US

This is a pretty rare razor. It is the Barbasol Non-Floating Head razor. It is slightly milder than the floating head version, but it is an amazing shaver. I found the floating head razor to be too aggressive for me, and I greatly prefer this one. I have seen this very rarely.

The head is metal and the handle is bakelite. However, it's a lot heavier than it should be with just a bakelite handle, so I think the core may have some metal in it. It is a 2-piece razor.

[Image: temporary-102.jpg]

SOLD!! 4) Gladweg DE razor set - $60 shipped US

I wrote about this razor on the Nook. It is a lovely, heavy shaver and is in good shape. Pretty uncommon too.

[Image: temporary-99.jpg]

SOLD!! 5) Gladweg DeLuxe Razor - $80 shipped US

This is another razor that I discussed on the Nook. It is a Gladweg DeLuxe and is also very uncommon. It has an asymmetric head - one side has a toothcomb and the other has an OC. It comes with the case and a bunch of original blades (unused).

[Image: temporary-95.jpg]

6) Gillette Single Ring OC - $30 shipped US

This is the venerable Gillette Single Ring. This one is on good shape with good plating and no bent teeth. The Old Type head shaves very well, and is a pleasure to use.

[Image: temporary-93.jpg]

7) Hoffritz Slant - $60 shipped US

This is another lovely razor. The Hoffritz Slants were the same as the old Merkur ones. They're made to a higher quality than the new ones. This one is cased. There's the usual crack on the barrel of the handle (pictured) but it is otherwise in great shape. It's a brilliant shaver, as you'd expect.

[Image: temporary-92.jpg]

[Image: temporary-91.jpg]

8) Henso (Henckels) DE razor - $70 shipped US

This is another very unusual razor. It is a high-quality razor that begs to be used more than I use it. Slight brassing on the handle and the barrel has a stable crack too.

[Image: temporary-90.jpg]

[Image: temporary-89.jpg]

SOLD!! 9) Ben-Hur Razor - $70 shipped US

This is the Charlton Heston of DE razors. The Ben-Hur was made by Apollo (precursor of Merkur) I think. It is a very efficient shaver. It also comes cased.

[Image: temporary-88.jpg]

10) Unknown Russian razor - $15 shipped US

This is an unknown, unmarked razor that was sold to me as being Russian (Soviet). I believe this, and it is a usable, but unremarkable shaver. Nice to have one of these in your collection.

[Image: temporary-113.jpg]

[Image: temporary-114.jpg]

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 09-14-2013, 08:06 PM
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Yohann, picture #6 is the same as pic #5. It looks like you are missing a photo of the Gillette Single Ring.

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 09-15-2013, 03:07 AM
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(09-14-2013, 08:06 PM)celestino Wrote: Yohann, picture #6 is the same as pic #5. It looks like you are missing a photo of the Gillette Single Ring.

Thanks for pointing that out, Celestino. It should be fine now.

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PM sent on #5.

Sent from my Note 10.1 via tapatalk.

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Damn... Too late for #2! Undecided

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 09-17-2013, 04:39 PM
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All items that were bought and paid for have been mailed. You should all have received tracking information from either Paypal or directly from me. Please PM me if you haven't received that information.

I hope you all enjoy your purchases. Thank you.


Combination sale:

Buy the Sticky, Single Ring and Russian razor for $95 shipped US.

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 12-26-2013, 06:17 AM
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