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Lot is SOLD! Please archive.


I'm attempting to sell or trade everything here as a "lot" to simply save the hassle of shipping it all individually.

Please respond via PM. Payment will be made via PayPal. Price includes shipping CONUS.

Interested in any decent badger brush that is 27mm or larger. Happy to kick in extra cash.

Semogue 2012 SE Boar/Badger

Semgue SOC Boar - as luck would have it, I discovered the knot was loose earlier today, so I just pulled it out. It obviously needs to be re-glued.

Omega 48 Pro Boar

Frank Shaving Pur Tech Generation 4 Synthetic

Mike's Coconut @ 159 grams with container
Mike's Coconut @ 176 grams with container
Mike's Bay Rum @ 182 grams with container
Klar Kabinett @ 365 grams with container
Prairie Creations DdC Vanilla @ 217 grams with container
Thiers-Issard Eucalyptus Romarin @ 100% (70 gram puck)
TOBS Sandalwood Soap @ 81 gram puck
PannaCrema Labdano @ 85 grams with container
PannaCrema Vetiver @ 104 grams with container
PannaCrema "mystery" @ 100 grams with container (cannot find or remember the scent on this one)

$112 takes it all! Price includes shipping CONUS.

I'm also interested in any badger brushes 27mm+. I'm happy to throw in extra cash if needed.






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