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I posted in the Parlor about my wish to participate in some of the winter sports here in NH. As some of you might know, winter sport equipment is expensive, and I decided to sell stuff from one hobby to fund the other.

In addition to the skiing/skating stuff, I also want to buy a Surly Pugsley, so that I can ride over the snow here in the winter. I've been wanting to buy one of these bikes for a long while.

Anyway, all this takes money, and I'll try to sell shaving stuff to fund as much of it as I can. So, any of your purchases here will be going to that cause..........and also the most likely outcome of me breaking a bone or more. Biggrin


All prices include US shipping. I will not ship overseas, due to the issues with tracking. Please pay using Paypal.

PM me if interested. I may be interested in trades, but I have a very select few items I'm looking for (Lather catchers, BRW handles or razors).

NOTE: These Straight Razors are all shave-ready as far as I'm concerned, but your preferences may be different. I check the edges before I ship, but that means a slight delay in shipping, as I do this on an individual basis.

The Straight Razors:

SOLD!! 1) J Weiss Pair - wedges (old) - $140 shipped US

This is a pair of razors made in the UK a long time ago. They're J. Weiss & Son blades. They come in the original double coffin. The blades are near wedges. One is 6/8" and the other is 11/16". Given the lack of wear, I think the size difference was intentional. Lovely shape to these blades and the tang has bottom jimps. Barber's notches in the blades.

You can get two beautiful blades for the price of one.

The scales are black horn with metal wedges. Pretty nice old stuff.

[Image: temporary-118.jpg]

SOLD!! 2) Dubl Duck Wonderedge - 5/8"+ full-hollow - $135 shipped US

This is the top of the line Dubl Duck, I think. The Wonderedge. This blade is not spotless, and that drops the price a bit, but the Pearduck blade is an amazing shaver and I'll be sad to see it go. Square point, a little over 5/8" with a cool design on the tang.

The scales are the original cracked ice scales with the inlays. No warpage, as far as I can tell.

[Image: temporary-120.jpg]

SOLD!! 3) Wostenholm IXL Frameback - 7/8"+ - $150 shipped US

This is one of the blades I never thought I'd sell. It is just amazing, but I have another, so this can go.

It is an old Wostenholm frameback. The blade is over 7/8" with the frame and has a nice, gentle smile. The metal is amazing and the shaves it gives are lovely too. The stubtail indicates that it's probably from just around the mid -1800's. The 1850 on the tang is the registration date.

Black horn scales are original, with the metal wedge. The only real flaw is the presence of a few small flea bites on the scales. The IXL in the name is a play on sounds - 'I excel' ---- and it does!

[Image: temporary-134.jpg]

SOLD!! 4) C-Mon Hand Made 13/16" full-hollow - $85 shipped US

C-Mon razors are justly renowned for being among the best razors out there. This one is no exception. It is in good shape with some minor pitting on the blade which drops the price. However, it takes an amazing edge and shaves really well.

The blade is a little over 6/8" and is a square-point full-hollow blade. The scales are translucent celluloid of some sort.

[Image: temporary-136.jpg]

5) Weyersburg Corneta 6000 6/8"+ - $125 shipped US

This Weyersberg Corneta 6000 - The Electric Razor - is an excellent razor, and is in great shape. The blade is a round-point full-hollow blade. Nice wash on the front face of the blade and it has the original scales with the Corneta inlay. Lovely shaver too.

[Image: temporary-138.jpg]

[Image: temporary-139.jpg]

[Image: temporary-140.jpg]

SOLD!! 6) Wostenholm Pipe 1/4 hollow 4/8" - $25 shipped US

This is a nice, small Wosty that is a nice shaver. It is a small, nimble shaver. Blade is in good condition with even hone wear. Scales are black celluloid.

[Image: temporary-141.jpg]

SOLD!! 7) Mitsuon Japanese Razor 9/16" - $45 shipped US

This is a nice chance to get a Japanese razor at a low price. The brand is one I've never heard of before - Mitsuon, from Tokyo. The blade is etched black everywhere, and looks pretty nice. Square point, with a 9/16" blade, about half-hollow.

The scales are celluloid with a lovely molten gold colouring. Triple pinned. A good razor that works really well.

[Image: temporary-143.jpg]

8) Morris 472 Oxford Razor 13/16" - $150 shipped US

These Morris razors are not common and can sell for a lot of money. The last one I saw was well over $200. This one surprised me with how comfortable an edge it took. I am actually somewhat reluctant to sell it, but I do need to get rid of stuff.

The blade was NOS when I got it and it has no wear. It does have a few age spots on the blade, but no pitting or rusting. The square point is lovely and faceted. It is almost 7/8" wide and is full-hollow ground.

The original black celluloid scales have the Morris impression on them. For some reason, I think this blade may have been made in Japan, even though the blade says Oxford. It looks, feels and shaves like the high-end Japanese blades I've had.

Love this blade.

[Image: temporary-145.jpg]

[Image: temporary-146.jpg]

[Image: temporary-147.jpg]

9) YSS Triumph Japanese Super Smiler - $250 shipped US

This is a rare bird, and it took me a long time to find it. It is a super-smiler - similar to the KikuBoshi blades that occasionally come up for sale. As you might imagine, it has a wider than usual smile.

The blade is Japanese, and is lovely with only a few spots. It shaves brilliantly.

The scales are celluloid in a faux tortoise-shell design, with the YSS inlay.

[Image: temporary-148.jpg]

[Image: temporary-149.jpg]

[Image: temporary-150.jpg]

SOLD!! 10) Palmera Juan Vollmer - 7/8" - $150 shipped US

The Palmera razors are as highly regarded as the Filarmonica ones. This one is almost a 7/8" blade, making it a #14. The electro-etching in the tang is worn, but in the right light you can read 14 6/8 on the reverse side and the Juan Vollmer name and the Palm tree on the front.

Double jimps and a blade that has some spotting, but no rust. It is a lovely shaver. The scales are the original celluloid ones with the Palmera inlay.

[Image: temporary-151.jpg]

SOLD!! 11) ERN Crown & Sword - 9/16" - $30 shipped US

This is a lovely razor from a god maker. ERN made good blades, and this is certainly one of them. Not much to say about it. The blade is a round-point, 1/2 hollow blade with a width of 9/16" The scales are faux ivory.

[Image: temporary-154.jpg]

SOLD!! 12) C-Mon Special - 6/8"+ full-hollow - $110 shipped US

This is another lovely C-Mon. This is in better shape than the other one I have listed, and so it's a bit more. The blade is almost spotless, and it has lovely jimps with a square-point and it is over 6/8" wide.

The scales are original and have the lovely Special C-Mon inlay.

[Image: temporary-156.jpg]

13) Essex Razor - 11/16" 3/4 hollow - $40 shipped US

This is a nice razor, made in Germany. The blade is 11/16" wide and is a 3/4 hollow one with a square point and even wear. It is a good shaver too. Nice black scales on this one.

[Image: temporary-158.jpg]

[Image: temporary-159.jpg]

[Image: temporary-160.jpg]

SOLD!! 14) Seraphim Special GD - 13/16" full-hollow - $70 shipped US

This is a Gold Dollar that has been modified by Seraphim. He changed the shape to what he calls a 'Wu Tang' point, and added spine work and jimps on the blade. It is a lovely shaver and the scales are amazing - a wood veneer on plastic.

[Image: temporary-161.jpg]

15) Shooter Custom Wedge - 6/8" - $150 shipped US

This is a custom wedge-grind razor made by Shooter over on SRP. It is a beautiful blade, with a very distinctive shape overall. The tang and tail are beautiful and comfy. The spine is scalloped, and the blade is slightly hollowed. Made of O2 tool steel.

This blade is mounted in bone scales with a double wedge.

All-in-all, it's a beautiful razor.

[Image: temporary-164.jpg]

[Image: temporary-165.jpg]

[Image: temporary-166.jpg]

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Those are all very nice too.

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Wow, Yohann! Those are beautiful blades and you sure have your eyes set on a great bike! Those Surlys are very nice! Good luck.Biggrin

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I cannot edit the original thread, so I'll post which razors have sold here:

The C-Mon Special is SOLD!
J. Weiss pair SOLD!
Mitsuon razor SOLD!
Seraphim GD SOLD!
Wosty Frameback SOLD!
Wosty Pipe SOLD!
C-Mon Hand Made SOLD!
Palmera SOLD!
Dubl Duck SOLD!

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All items that were bought and paid for have been mailed. You should all have received tracking information from either Paypal or directly from me. Please PM me if you haven't received that information.

I hope you all enjoy your purchases. Thank you.


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