09-15-2013, 11:39 AM
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Hi everyone,

I've been working on my dissertation and my computers are starting to bug me. They're old (both from circa 2006) and are pretty sluggish. My guess is that they'll give out on me soon and I'd rather replace them before they die on me along with my stuff. I won a mac mini on the bay thinking I'd try to get the laptop replaced first and now stuck needing the extra cash to fund both. Up for sale are some brushes I really would not like to let go. My loss is your gain. CONUS only and payment via paypal.

SOLD! Rooney Finest 2/1 in horn. It's a beauty (knot i believe is 21/53 but I'm using my phone ruler). I've owned this for a little less than a year if I recall correctly. Picked this up in a trade(October 2012). I've used it exactly 23 times (yes I keep a log). It has shed about 5 hairs in that span. I don't anticipate it being a problem but thought it worth sharing. I have about $200 in on this brush and would like to get what I put into it.

M&F 2XL in Finest. This isn't from the classic shaving sale. I picked this up from a member who got it straight from Lee, however this brush came to me new. The hair is pretty spectacular however does feel a tinge different from Rooney Finest. Worth every penny though. I paid 300 for this and there are few of these around to really gauge a good price. I used this 22 times and shed about 3 hairs; most likely some loose ones from putting knot together. Dimensions are 28x50 as measured with ruler. $280 shipped for this one.

Finally a rare brush. Stubby 1 finest. I hear there are only about 12 of these around. I'm lucky to have had this. It's a superb little brush that really feels like a finest should. Wakes you up in the morning. I paid $300 for it and would like the same given how rare it is.

Please let me know if you think prices are unfair, although I'm disclosing how much I paid and feel like I'm not cheating anyone. I don't plan to sell all three brushes and would really only like to sell 2. Whichever 2 sell first will determine which one I keep.

and now for some pictures (fyi, the Rooney 1/2 finest and Rooney 2XL jade are not for sale).

[Image: vovf.jpg]

[Image: mnz0.jpg]

[Image: r1z5.jpg]

[Image: upoy.jpg]

[Image: 3eyl.jpg]

[Image: 3oti.jpg]

[Image: 20130105111305.jpg]

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 09-15-2013, 04:46 PM
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2/1 has sold. 2XL and Stubby 1 still available. Knock 10 bucks off each if payment made by midnight Central Time. remember, only one will sell. I'll keep the other one.

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 09-15-2013, 06:12 PM
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Stubby 1 is sold. I keep the M&F 2XL. Thanks to buyers and all for looking.

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