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Spring cleaning continues, I still have pens and razors that I don't use and I hear the call of an Edison fountain pen. It is calling my name, it wants to come home with me. However, my PayPal isn't full enough to support the Edison's needs. So here goes another round.

Please pay through PayPal.
Prices do not include shipping. Within the US, shipping will be $2.50 for first class (1-2 items) or $6 for priority (any number of items). I insist on shipping with some form of tracking or delivery receipt. That makes international shipping pricey. However, if international members want to purchase and are willing to spend the extra cost, then we can discuss those options.

DE Razors
Mergress XL $100 SOLD!
Parker 91R 3 oz $15 SOLD!

[Image: DSCF4329.JPG]
[Image: DSCF4332.JPG]

Fountain pens have had 20% price reduction since the earlier sale.

Fountain pens group 1: Wality/Airmail 69T. In order to get a full set of colors I ordered an entire box of 10. However, these five (the extra pens) have never been inked. $10 each with one of each color available (red, orange, green, blue, purple). I do have an extra red and green pen that has been used if someone really wants two green or two red. These pens write with a fine point. Like many eye dropper fill pens, they do have the tendency to blot/burp ink due to thermal expansion if not fairly full. Directions for filling eye-droppers pens can be found at this link: http://www.fountainpenrevolution.com/how...d_pen.html
Wality/Airmal 69T $8 each

The red pen pictured has been sold. Other colors still available.

If you want the full set of 5 colors (I have another extra red pen – however it has been previously inked and is not pictured) I will sell you the whole set for $35 shipped U.S. Priority Mail.

[Image: DSCF3859.JPG]

[Image: DSCF3862.JPG]

[Image: DSCF3860.JPG]

Fountain pens group 2:
Yellow Noodlers pen – this was the early model of piston pens that Noodler’s released. It is not a flex model. I have used the pen; however, the bright yellow was never a color pen I reached for. $6
Arizona Orange Noodlers Flex pen – current flex piston from Noodlers – this is the regular piston and not the ahab flex. This pen has not been inked. $8
Kaweco Sport Classic – Broad nib – clear. I love my Kaweco Sport pens in the summer. They make for a great pen to toss in shorts pocket. I accidently ordered a bold so I have not used this pen. I stick to EF to M nibs. You will want short international cartridges for this pen. It has not been inked. I will include a blue and a black short international cartridge. $12

Moteverde Invincia Tartania – a heavy pen that is a stunner. It comes with a B nib as well. It hasn’t had much use because I just don’t find the weight/size comfortable for my tendinitis. Maybe I don’t use it because of the B nib. $32
Lamy Al-Stars – sold in earlier sale

[Image: DSCF3864.JPG]

[Image: DSCF3876.JPG]

[Image: DSCF3875.JPG]

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Everything is sold except for the Monteverde

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