09-17-2013, 10:43 AM
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I've been a little behind on some things as I've been recovering from an outpatient surgery for the past couple of weeks. Computer work has strained my eyes.

So, a little belatedly, I'm pleased to finally announce the arrival of the Manchurian Mountain Badger!

Quote:We have searched the mountains and lowlands of China for over a year trying to locate the source of the fabled Manchurian badger. At long last, we’ve finally found the correct hair. We’re calling it Manchurian Mountain Badger because it’s not quite the same as Simpson’s Manchurian, but it is as close as we are able to get due to different processing methods by the hair dressers.

Characterized by a very firm backbone and tips on the scrubby side, this hair is extremely hard to come by. The knot feel is very firm with scrubby, but soft tips. This grade of hair is missing most of the prickle/tickle/harshness that Simpson’s Manchurian has. Hence, it’s not 100% the same.

[Image: manchurian-knot-150x150.jpg]

Available by clicking this link.

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