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The Simpson Harvard best badger shares many similarities with the legendary Simpson Persian Jar. The handle is a bit heftier and it tucks comfortably in the hand. The brush also shares many similarities with the Simpson Duke 3 in best badger, although I find the Harvard handle more ergonomic.

I have both the Duke 3 and the Persian Jar 2. So the Harvard is somewhat redundant in my modest brush collection.

The Harvard is a lovely brush, easy to hold and to lather with. The knot is quite dense, and the backbone I would put at medium. Mine is the Harvard H4 in best badger, with a 24 mm knot and 51 mm loft.

The brush has been used only once. I bought it for $147.60. You may have it for $98, shipped U.S. You'll love this brush. It's a sweetie. Paypal is fine. No e-checks and no trades, please. Thanks.
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