09-19-2013, 02:47 PM
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I've been on an unsuccessful hunt for a Kirby Beard razor. So, as part of my hunting efforts, I'm turning to my brethren here. If anyone has a Kirby Beard (any model) that they're looking to sell, please PM me. If you would prefer to trade for it, I have a pretty decent selection of items (DEs, SEs and straight razors, watches, colognes, etc.) to offer. Some examples are a Weber DLC, Cobra Classic, Gillette Toggle, Filarmonica DT13, other Sheffield and Spanish straights, and so on. If the item I'm offering in trade is a lesser value than the Kirby Beard, I'll pay $$ to make up the difference. And, if you live close enough so that I can pick it up, first round is on me!

Thanks for looking y'all!

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