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first item is one I hate to part with but I need to recover some funds as all of my "ADs" took a good part of my $$$ in the past 45 days Smile

SOlD 1) R. Hibbert Sheffield 15/16 Straight with Black Horn Scales - great condition, shave ready (honed and restored with these custom scales by Alfredo Gil (Doc226 on some forums)...I have had nothing but amazing and close shaves with this for the past two weeks or so. Alfredo is willing to hone it for the new owner at only shipping costs...so when it needs a touch up or fresh honing...that is included when purchasing this from me.

This razor dates around 1892 (according to Alfredo and other's research) and was possibly a cutler to the Royal Family.

asking $280.00 shipped for the R. Hibbert -- after 10% -- now $252.00 shipped -- alright, this makes me sick and I am losing big time.... but for today, if someone buys I will do $230.00 shipped and if you want the brush below with it, I will sell the brush for $35.00, if not....Hibbert stands alone at $230.00 shipped all day long. Sold sold sold at $195.00

2) Custom Wolf Whiskers Brush with TGN Finest Fan in 20mm, 43 handle and 47 loft, lathered with once, amazing "Duke 2" style brush...but I grabbed a Chubby 2 from Bullgoose and something has to go. Pete Wolf calls this one "Nuclear Hulk Marble" great chance to own a lathe turned custom! Has the Wolf Whiskers logo engraved on the bottom. asking $60.00 shipped
After 10% now $54.00 shipped

[Image: 3uN8qxl.jpg]

[Image: XUHKziW.jpg]

[Image: gOtO5Ey.jpg]

[Image: z3Zceu2.jpg]

[Image: nofl4gb.jpg]

[Image: Bg8kSOU.jpg]

[Image: 5zbHJD6.jpg]

WW Brush:

[Image: l2a894v.jpg]

[Image: B53Ffjh.jpg]

[Image: uIyajvF.jpg]

[Image: rOz5wiY.jpg]

Any questions please ask and PM with any requests for further details.



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Ill do 10% off the Hibbert and Brush

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