09-27-2013, 10:31 AM
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Hey all!

I've been putting this off for a while, but I have a number of items I don't care for that I'd like to pass along. All prices include USPS shipping within the country. Payments are to be made through paypal, please.

First off, freebies!

With any purchase choose one of these brushes and I will include it for free!

[Image: aJOs4nhl.png]



Feather Artist Club SS with black handle. Honestly, this thing works incredibly well, but I'm realizing I just enjoy using a double edge more. I used it for about a week. Included are 14 Feather ProGuard blades.

Asking $100 SOLD

[Image: gJlYPx9l.png]


Gillette Goodwill complete set. The razor and box are in very good condition, though the cardboard cover is split along one crease. Has original unopened package of blades. Great collectors piece!

Asking $50

[Image: xiTCIMVl.png]



I'm going to start these out as a lot for ease of shipping, but will price to move. Each has been used only a couple of times. Included are:
  • BDF Classico
  • TFS Freschezza Polare
  • Tabac, grated into an IKEA container
  • Barrister & Mann Solstice
  • Barrister & Mann Bay Rum

Asking $45 SOLD

[Image: 0O5SFTjl.png]


Krampert's Finest Bay Rum and limited edition 80 Below #13. Yes, these are both absolutely excellent aftershaves, but I haven't reached for either in months, so I'm going to pass them along. Both are around 2/3-3/4 full.

Asking $20 SOLD

[Image: 8djBzDBl.png]


DR Harris Eau de Portugal hair tonic. I guess it just wasn't for me. Used twice.

Asking $20 SOLD

[Image: MNx32Bkl.png]

Thanks all!

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