09-27-2013, 03:45 PM
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Hi guy,

I've got a few items I'd like to sell. I'm only going to sell these two items together. Please don't pm me to ask to separate them.

1) Ikon Shavecraft Razor Head - used 3 times. This just came out, and I purchased one of the blemished ones. You can see in the picture, the slight blemish it has. It shaves great, but I don't like the dual sided nature of the razor. I understand the razor won't be available now until November. So here's your chance to get it. I bought it for $25 + $5 shipping = $30.

2) Warby Parker Thatcher Sunglasses - Revolver Black Matte - Warby Parker makes some of the best glasses and sunglasses around. Currently, there are prescription lenses in these particular sunglasses. Although, I also have the stock lenses which are brand new for you to swap out. These sunglasses sell for $95 + tax.

For the Ikon Shavecraft Razor Head + the Warby Parker Thatcher, combined these items are minimum $120. I've valued the Ikon Shavecraft at $25 and the Warby Parker Thatcher at $45 (half the cost of retail!) I'm asking for $70 which includes shipping. SOLD

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