09-28-2013, 12:05 PM
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Hi all,

Tcheon Fung Sing have added two great soaps to their Linea Tradizionale, the soap that started it all for them and that you may already know.

I remember a groupbuy on DamnFineShave for the Barba Rosse and we also have the Barba Blu.

Now we introduce a yellow (Barba Gialla) and green (Barba Verde) tub that are great additions to this line.

The Barba Gialla has Lime essential oil as ingredient, the Barba Verde is a fresh variant soap.

These go for prices you thought were only possible years ago, another good tradition of the TFS soaps!

[Image: TFS%20Barba%20Gialla%20125-500x500.jpg]

Barba Gialla

[Image: TFS%20Barba%20Verde%20125-500x500.jpg]

Barba Verde

Btw, these are just a very limited selection of all the new soaps we have. We also have the new Essence of Scotland and now also the fine soaps of DR Harris.

So, we have something new to check out again.



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 09-28-2013, 02:49 PM
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Great news! Thank you very much!

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