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I have a few things I would like to sell.

1. D.R. Harris Cologne Scent Shave Soap in Bowl -This soap is sealed New Old Stock. I believe that the scent was discontinued in the late 1980's and this soap is from that era. $45.00 shipped CONUS SOLD

2. Vie-Long Butterscotch Brush in Natural Horse -I had these custom made in 2012. I have the exact same brush in Ivory and do not need a back-up. I believe that the brush is unused but it may have been used once. $30.00 shipped CONUS SOLD

3. iKon Stainless Steel Slant Head - New, these go for $101.00. This one has a slight imperfection (discoloration) that is visible in the last picture. This will not affect the integrity of the razor or the shave. $65.00 shipped CONUS SOLD

[Image: GoPJI5u.jpg][Image: yqSL5C2.jpg][Image: M5RFXB8.jpg][Image: aSC5HX6.jpg]

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