09-29-2013, 09:44 AM
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Hello friends.

One of my clients, I bought a shaving brush made ​​in bocote.

My friend asked me the model Michelle, and I by mistake, I did this other handle, which is the model Grial.

In the model I have done that I asked, and this, I'm going to offer a very special price.

The price of this brush with synthetic knot 3.0, is 68 euros + 12.5 euros international delivery charges.

I'm waiting for an order of synthetic knots, it took to get a couple of weeks, but I offer this beautiful brush, synthetic knot, by:

60 euros, shipping included synthetic knot.

80 euros shipping included HMW knot (shown in photo)

75 euros shipping included FAN Manchurian Badger knot (shown in photo)

This offer is for the first to commit to buying it in this thread.

[Image: 1377355_428957383882147_60753516_n.jpg]
Druida Grial with FAN Manchurian Badger.

[Image: 1377958_428957390548813_1281992426_n.jpg]
Druida Grial with BULB HMW .

[Image: 1382116_428957420548810_1087746868_n.jpg]

The loft is you like.

A hug.

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 10-04-2013, 12:07 PM
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The brush is no available.

Thanks for view.


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