10-01-2013, 02:36 PM
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Hello All,

Have you checked out our page yet? We have added several new products since last post. Check out the New Products Section to find out what's new.

Some quick information to know:

The Red Pack Personna's are back in stock. These blades are the ones that have "MADE IN ISRAEL" on each packet.

We currently have a special that will last until October 5, 2013 11:59pm , get them while they last. 100 Lab Personna Blades for $12.99.

Here we go, we have added a few items and more to come.

Barrel Shaped Super High Mountain Brush Designed by Geoff Anderson 1 brush in stock

Barrel Shaped with Zebra Pattern Designed by Geoff Anderson 1 brush in stock

Added, D.R. HARRIS Creams & Soaps

Added, Gold Dachs

Added, 3 Different new scents from Clubman, Coachman, Draggon Noir, Jerris Musk

Added, 2 New Matador Razors in Gold Color

More to come such as: Castle Forbes, Matador Shaving Cream & new Razors.

If you have a facebook account,like us to view the new items listed.

Have a great Open Comb October Month,


[Image: cvGjaRI.jpg]
[Image: uiXIh3d.jpg]
[Image: 6JsPWnI.jpg]
[Image: 8uVcPgi.jpg]
[Image: 3dtJWtp.jpg]
[Image: kDvfHPE.jpg]
[Image: 7xyClKb.jpg]
[Image: 59kNnVJ.jpg]

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