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Greetings everyone!

In order to free up some den space, I am looking to unload some soaps/creams I either no longer use, or have too much of.
This is an excellent lot to try out decent variety of great soaps, some of which are discontinued or temporarily unavailable. (Mikes) All listed quantities are approximate.
This will be USA only due to weight (slightly over 5lbs) and payment is via regular Paypal.

This is roughly $140+ worth of product and I am asking $85 with USPS Priority shipping included. This price is firm and I am not interested in splitting up the lot, it's just not worth the extra packaging and shipping hassle.

I will also include a sampler of a dozen or so random blades if the buyer desires, just let me know if you want them...thanks for looking!


DR Harris Lavender (puck only) – 90% remaining
DR Harris Arlington (puck only) – 90% remaining
Cella Red Tub – 70% remaining
Mike's Orange, Cedarwood & Pepper (no tin, molded to puck shape) – 90% remaining
Mike's Barbershop (no tin, molded to puck shape) – 90% remaining
Mike's Bay Rum with tin –75% remaining
Mike's Rose & Cedarwood with tin – 80% remaining
QCS Green Irish Tweed croap in tub – 85% remaining
Jabonman Tierra Humeda in tin (Vetiver with lanolin) – 50% remaining
RazoRock XXX – 50% remaining
Tabac Stick with holder –70% remaining
1 Tabac Stick refill (new and unopened)
1 Speick Stick (new and unopened)
1 Arko Stick (new and unopened)
Vintage Williams (about 1.25 pucks - no scent but lathers like a beast)
Proraso Green in tub (original/old formula, unused)


RazoRock S. Maria in tub (this has light menthol added) – 50% remaining
Proraso Red in tube(sandalwood) – 70% remaining

[Image: PiIN2RZ.jpg]

[Image: 3nO1O9Z.jpg]

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