10-04-2013, 05:04 PM
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Good Evening Everyone,

I have some clearing to do before I head off to Chicago for some business this next week.....here goes.

SOLD SOLD1) Santa Maria Novella - Original Formula with Lanolin, Eucalyptus and it does have parabens (who cares, they are on your face for all of 15 minutes) used 3 times...I like the Tuscano frangrance of the new version better. asking $70.00 shipped price drop to $60.00 shipped

[Image: UgPya7Q.jpg]

[Image: 3HyKQyF.jpg]

2) Aftershave Splash Lot (won't sell separately and these must ship via parcel post)
1- Aqua Velva Ice Blue in Shatterproof Pastic Bottle (large size)
1- Vintage, Aqua Velva in Glass Bottle, 1.7 oz ( i believe) 1/4 full, smells amazing
1- FINE Accoutrements American Blend (smells amazing, but I am allergic to something in it), used once
1 - Barbasol Pacific Rush Splash - used once
1 - Pinaud Lilac Vegetal Modern Version Brand new
1- Vintage Pinaud Lilac Vegetal (1/3 full, smells amazing) from the 1930's/ 1940's

asking $55.00 for them all (main value items are the Vintage Veg and FINE) price drop to $45.00 shipped

[Image: zFXcjpW.jpg]

[Image: 8xkqpL6.jpg]

SOLD SOLD SOLD 3) Nanny's Silly Soaps -- all new and unused
1- French Lavender
1- Rasage Traditionnel
1- Down Home Summer

check her website out for scent descriptions, but she makes amazing soaps and they are hardly ever in stock...they are more like croaps and lather extremely well. asking $35.00 for all three, I paid $44 shipped just a few weeks ago. SOLD

[Image: WvrS0QD.jpg]


1- 90% new Nivea Sensitive Shave Cream
1- 75% new Nivea Original/ Mild Shave Cream
2 - Brand New Nivea Sensitive Shave Creams in the box
1- Dr. Dittmar Spezial Shave soap - lathered 3 times
1- Nivea Men Original Aftershave Splash - used once -- this stuff is only available in Germany/ Europe and is very nice...I use the Cool Kick version
2- Irisch Moos DEODORANT STICKS, brand new and never used -- i purchased too many Smile

[Image: c8RBGM3.jpg]

asking $60.00 for the German Lot or make me an offer. Price drop $45.00 shipped

Only trades I am interested in are Trumpers Tallow Limes or Coconut.

Thanks Everyone,


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 10-04-2013, 06:06 PM
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Pm on the nanny soaps


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 10-05-2013, 06:46 AM
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Price drops

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 10-06-2013, 10:07 AM
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Sunday funday ... take an additional 10% ofd prices or have an instant den and take everything remaining for $140 shipped Smile

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