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On this date in 1818, two English boxers were the first to use padded gloves.

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"The use of hand protection in fighting contests undertaken for sport has been known since at least Ancient Greece. In the 2nd century, Clement of Alexandria credited the mythological Amycus, son of Poseidon and King of the Bebryces in Anatolia, with having invented boxing gloves. However, both the gloves and the sport itself were very different from modern boxing. In Ancient Greece, it was common practice to tie strips of leather round the hands for protection. In Roman times, this developed into the gladiatorial cestus, with metal added to the gloves to inflict greater damage. The use of the cestus was banned c. 50 BC, and 'boxing' was banned under Arcadius in 393 AD.
Boxing experienced a revival in Britain around the 17th century. Many bouts were fought with bare knuckles and with no standard rules until the London Prize Ring rules, though sometimes gloves were worn. Gloves were mandated by the Marquess of Queensberry rules which were published in 1867. Subsequently, the popularity of bare knuckle fights has waned, and they are now of dubious legality in some countries.
The modern padded glove owes its origin to Jack Broughton, who created a form of boxing glove (referred to as 'mufflers') in the 19th century."

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Not only do we learn about shaving, but about birds flying non-stop for 200 days, now this! What a great forum! Biggrin

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The nice things about the Marquess of Queensberry Rules is that it leaves my opponent wide open for a punch or kick below the belt...

...no, I don't fight fair. When all other avenues is explored and fighting is the only option left, I fight to win. After two fights in high-schools even the bullies figured out that the other options were preferable Angel

That said, hammering away at a punching bag was a great way to burn off excess anger after breaking up with my ex Wink

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