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Gentlemen, this is the last day this brush will be available.

The Rooney Heritage "Emillion" Size 2 is a delightful brush. The two-band "super" silvertip is sweet on the skin with strong backbone. It is ideal for face lathering as well as bowl lathering. I face lather and this brush has created a rich lather on my Hollywood face for the seven or eight times I have used it.

The only drawback for me with this brush is the long handle. I have small hands and do much better with the mid-size handles. The brush is in perfect shape. If you've never had a taste of a fine Rooney, here is your chance at a fair price.

Here are the numbers:

Knot 25 mm
Loft 50 mm
Handle 60 mm

You may have this brush for $125 (new, this brush is $174.99) shipped U.S. Such a deal! Paypal is fine. No e-checks or trades, please. Thanks.

Stay well and may good fortune swim in your lane.

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