10-12-2013, 11:45 AM
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I really liked the smell of the TOB's Jermyn shave cream, and thought that I would enhance it a bit and order the aftershave as well. I'm usually a balm guy, but thought the lotion would be OK.
Well everything was going according to plan this morning, until my allergies took over.......Seems the shave soap is about where my tolerance level is for this scent. That sucks, because I do like the scent of this product. Anyway, my loss is hopefully someone's gain!

I've only used about 10 "spritz" in total (not all at once either....) Nearly new TOB's Jermyn Aftershave. Alcohol free.
I'd consider a trade, or $30 shipped. paypal only.

No need to post "pm sent" Just pm me & we'll work it out from there......
thanks for looking
Tim (penmanship)

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