10-15-2013, 07:38 AM
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Hello gents,

We have added several new products from German manufacturer Giesen & Forsthoff.

- 7 new TIMOR double edge safety razors, combining open comb and close comb:


- 11 new TIMOR straight razors: http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/130-navajas-timor

- Timor double edge blades: http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/76_giesen...hoff-timor

Product information in English missing will be shortly update it. Apologize for delay.

[Image: xokp.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com
[Image: yfaz.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com

Thanks to all for looking at them!

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 12-13-2013, 03:29 PM
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Hello gents,

I’m pleased to announce that Kai Captain Titan Mild Pink Razor Blades are now available in our shop.

Also, I would like to mentioned that Kai has launched a Limited Edition of CAP-J7 & CAP-R7 razors where is offering a leather case and a box of 20 Kai blades for the same price as previously razor was offered.


An excellent Gift idea for this Christmas, don’t miss it! Limited Edition will be available until end of stock.

Best Regards,

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