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I know there are people who think Alt Innsbruck stinks and I've always thought, 'this dude's crazy, how can you not like AI?' Now I truly understand the meaning of YMMV.

I've read mixed reviews of Floid, maybe as many as I read with Innsbruck, but as with anything, you never know unless you try it. Needless to say, for me, buying Innsbruck was like striking gold; however, with Floid I hit the septic line.

I sniffed the bottle and was pretty sure this was going to be bad. After a great shave and the wonderful smell of ToBS St. James still in the air, I reached for the lovely bottle filled with the carrot orange liquid. I hate the color orange, so I should have known this would end badly.

I pushed on, giving Mr. Floid in all of his carrot orange glory the benefit of the doubt. 'Nice metal cap', I thought while spinning the top off. Poured it into my palm and worked it around. I was waiting for a little sting, but mostly for some menthol cooling, but what I received was the reality of what is simply named, Floid.

Gag reflex? Check
Nausea? Check
Yes, my reaction was just that. An overwhelming nausea followed by a sick feeling. A very underwhelming sting and no menthol to note. My face felt--and smelled--like I covered it with liquid talc.

I originally was going to purchase the Vigorossa (spelling) since it was allegedly a super menthol blast, but I opted for the "toned down" version of the scent. It's very good that I chose the Floid I did, because a stronger scent would have made me vomit--and no, I'm not overdramatising my reaction.

As I sit here typing this, the powdery smell feels like it's clogging my nose and my skin feels dry and, well powdery. When I touch my face it feels hydrated and smooth, so it's very odd.

I'm not angry with my purchase, I would have never known what Floid was like without trying it. The packaging is great, they style is a very cool retro look and the bottle itself is worth having. To bad the contents are so repulsive. Kind of like a flea collar smell.

Besides the smell, a very mild sting, minimal menthol, soothing on the skin. My skin feels pretty good, it's been about an hour since I used it and the scent has faded slightly, but there's still a rather thick powdery scent.

This isn't a product I would recommend to anyone, unless they asked for a flea collar scented AS. I most certainly will never use it again.

BTW, my g/f likes the smell, but she uses baby lotion and baby powder a good bit. As for me, I'm off to wash this off and clean my nostrils.

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I recently purchased a few AS samples. This was one of them, and I’m really glad they were just samples. Thankfully and smartly, I sprayed it into the air and not on my skin. No offense intended to those of you who use and like it, but, Blech!!! To my nose, the powdery smell was exactly the same as how our family poodle smelled when the groomer was finished with her. Exactly like it. I always figured it was just a dog grooming smell. Never ever did I expect that a man would put that on his face after shaving. Blech.

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