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Hi everyone -

For sale today are four items that I haven't been using recently. My prices include CONUS shipping, via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. For non-CONUS buyers, we can negotiate shipping price (usually I either include shipping or at the least meet half-way, but I have to put the caveat in because of the lack of tracking options).

(1) Klar Seifen Klassic, in white and blue ceramic shaving bowl from Classic Shaving. I would estimate there is at least 90% left (I weighed the soap and bowl together and it came out to 218g. The original soap weight is 110g and I believe the bowl is around 120g, so the amount remaining is 103g, which is 94% left). The scent is a beguiling mix of leather and citrus and its a great performing soap.

One thing I hated was the original tin, and it really is tin. So I removed it and mashed into this Classic Shaving ceramic bowl I had left over. I probably used it about 2-3 times, but it just fit my routine (I prefer a soap in the bottom of a mug). I also have lots of other products to get to before this one, so it has to go, unfortunately. I bought the soap for $28 from a member here and the bowl itself is $30. Since the bowl is a sunk cost, and I've gotten rid of the original Klar tin, I am just asking for what I paid for soap: $28. SOLD! Thanks TSN.

(2) Simpson Berkeley in Best. By my measurements a 22mm knot/44mm loft (I could be way off - I used a ruler). An underrated small-to-medium size brush, this is a great brush for face-lathering. I also think the brush gets unfairly labeled as a "beginner's" brush just because of its lower price. The "Best" hair on this one matches up with any other "Best" brushes from Simpson's I've seen. Its soft white at the tips and nicely filled, not too dense nor too sparse. This could be the only brush you would need. I just happen to already have mine (a Semogue 1438). I bought this for $37 without the box about a month ago, so I was thinking $35 would be fair. $35. SOLD! Thanks slr31 and TSN!

(3) Bakelite slant with case. One of the fabeled "NOS" razors unearthed by Joe at Italian Barber. I find the head geometry to almost exactly like the iKon slant, at about $100 less. Its less aggressive than a Merkur slant, as the head and bar run parallel to each other (as opposed to the Merkur's divergent paths) and so doesn't "open" up the blade to more exposure. I had always thought that it was this "opening" up that caused the slant to be effective, but I think its the torque by twisting the blade; it forces the blade to be stronger and therefore less likely to "chatter" or skip. Anyway, its a great razor, and the lightweight nature of the slant actually helps its effectiveness. Rather than having a heavier head and razor, you are more focused on gliding it over the skin. The case is in good shape and the razor in perfect shape. I paid $50 for it and I'd like to get that back: $50. SOLD! Thanks taborcarn and TSN!

(4) Finally, the iKon Shavecraft 101 head. This is one of the "blemished" releases earlier this fall by iKon. Quite honestly the only "blemish" is a little bit of a stain on the screw-in part of the head about half-way up the post. This head is modeled on the Punktal 101 and while its a "dual-personality" razor (i.e. an open comb on one side vs. straight bar on the other) this one is less extreme and gives a pretty nice mild shave on either side. I could never get into the "dual-personality" earlier razors by iKon, but this one is just fine. Plus it has that '30's German styling that is pretty nice. I just find it be redundant as I have other razors. I paid $30 ($25 with $5) shipping. I would like $25 for it. $25. SOLD! Thanks Shanman and TSN!

As always, I encourage an open discussion about the items listed and their pricing in this thread. If I'm off, I will re-adjust my pricing. Any other comments or concerns, please PM me.

Thanks for looking,

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UPDATE - all items SOLD! Thanks everyone! And moderators, please archive.

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