10-27-2013, 11:54 AM
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It was recommended that to tame my new Muhle R41 (2011) that I should use the Dorco blade. It didn't work at first, at least on a first pass situation. I had already had good results with the proper angle and Astra SP blades by the time the Dorco order arrived from Amazon.

This turned out to be a puzzle for me. The new Dorco blades did not work in my Merkur 34C or Muhle R89. Brand new and uncomfortable. They didn't work in the Muhle R41 (2011) on a first pass basis.

This morning I loaded my Muhle R41 (2009) and the blade gave a satisfactory performance. I could tell it was not quite as sharp as others I use but the shave was comfortable for two passes. Then I re-lathered with the Cella and used the more aggressive R41 for the final pass with the Dorco..... ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE. It worked fine and there were no weepers or razor burn anywhere.

????????????? Oh well. Huh

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 10-28-2013, 10:25 AM
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First, congrats on getting the Astra SP working for you in an R41. It's a smooth blade.

The Dorco is stiffer than an Astra SP, just a smooth but not as sharp. It needs to be shaved steep angle.

Here are a couple of videos of people using a steep angle with an R41:

There are plenty of r41 youtube videos. I see some people varying their angle greatly, often nicking themselves when they suddenly go shallow, especially on the neck. Keep the angle steep and try short strokes at first.

One more suggestion. While I love Cella for many of my other razors, I don't prefer it for the R41. Perhaps try something like Mike's Natural or KMF Key Lime for a bit more protection.

I hope you can get to the point of using a Dorco with an r41 2011 with a steep angle without having to switch razors. The path of the skin/beard over the razor is amazingly productive when passing over the stiff smooth Dorco blade. It's a feeling unlike any other DE I have ever used and gives the longest lasting BBSs and totally calm skin.

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