10-30-2013, 12:33 PM
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$100.00 price drop, now $650.00


For sale is a large chunk of my Shave Cave. To be clear, unless stated otherwise, these are all shave grade, although you might find some items are a shade above shade grade, depending on your standards. When you see the Photobucket album, the pictures are in this order:

$750.00 $650.00 shipped anywhere.

PAL brand DE blades. I forget how many are there, it is probably somewhere between 500 and 750. They shave good.

Rolls Razor, Viscount. Restored by a respected authority on Rolls, he claims that it might as well be NOS.

Penn Adjustable SE. Includes box in poor condition along with strop and blade.

GEM 1912 SE in a box marked Star Shoes

Rolls Razor Viscount, working condition

Rolls Razor, for parts only. Has good hone, fair strop, broken friction roller tab and handle rusted shut.

Rolls Razor, working condition, friction roller is sticky unless you are firm with the hone/strop action.

Rolls Razor blade and blade box. Could be NOS, not for sure.

Y2 Super Speed, black handle.

1948-1950 Super Speed, no date code.

L4 Champagne Starts Lady Gillette.

B1 Red Tip Super Speed.

F2 Super Speed.

C4 Super Speed.

D3 Super Speed TV Special.

E2 Fat Boy.

W3 Black Tip

Pair of Schick Krona.

Personna Injector.

PAL Injector.

Gillette Injector.

Strivel Adjustable.

Old Type with box and blades.

Blue, Turquoise, Bone, and Butterscotch Schick Injectors.

Hydro-Magic with box and directions.

Schick G with solid handle, gold plate.

Schick G with hollow handle, gold plate.

Schick Easy Rider Injector.

Personna Injector with Personna 74 blades, NIB.

Y2 Steel Handle Super Speed.

Schick and Gillette boxes, empty, may go with various razors here.

Schick F Type Injector.

Nine-hole Barber Box.

Various parts razors.

Ever Ready 100 Red, 22mm TGN Finest Badger.

Penworks with 28mm TGN Silvertip Badger.

Copperhat 22mm Horse.

Ever Ready 89 Blue, 24mm TGN Finest Badger.

Omega Boar.

Bestshave #6 - seven pieces.

Ever Ready 200 for restore, is yellow now, but will be a greenie when sanded.

Ever Ready C40 Red for restore.

Ever Ready 100 Red for restore.

Ever Ready ?0 Black for restore. Numbers on bottom are obscured.

Ever Ready 800 Black/Clear for restore.

Ever Ready Unknown Model, cracked all the way around.

Unknown Figurine brush, neck brush?

Dubl Duck Satinedge, stabilized crack in heel, strop and shave.

Dubl Duck Special No. 1. Strop and shave.

Theo Koch Pleezall, needs honed.

CV Heijestrand #33, reworked tip, probably was dropped. Strop and shave.

CV Heijestrand #30, strop and shave.

George Wostenholm Pipe Razor, strop and shave.

Joh. Frame Back, strop and shave.

London Razor Co. Celebrated Oriental, coated with tactical gun coating.

I could probably make more money selling these all individually but I just do not feel like listing everything separate, so I am selling this as a lot only.

Link to photos:


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 10-30-2013, 01:04 PM
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I can personally recommend Jeff as a standup guy who is great to deal with as I have done many times. Doug

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 10-30-2013, 01:06 PM
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Wow, that is a whole shave cave. Ready for someone to pick it up and hit the ground running.

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 10-30-2013, 02:51 PM
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Wow, Jeff! This is one heck of a Den Clearance.
I have traded with Jeff once and he is one Gentleman. Good Luck!

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 10-30-2013, 03:35 PM
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I've known Jeff and Shawna for a couple of years now and you won't find anyone better to do business with.


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 10-30-2013, 04:53 PM
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Thanks Y'all. I hate to let these go, but the fact is I only use one or two brushes, one or two razors, and a handful of soaps anymore these days. Plus, like many, I have fallen on hard times. If you divide the asking price by the items offered, I know the remainder is way more than fair, although the lot, as a whole, will appeal to very few people.

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