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Picked this up just this week, it was purchased from Classic Shaving ... has been hand lathered one time and that is all. Just had a car repair outta nowhere today on top of home repairs that happened last week ... so just cant justify a $200 brush right now.

These Rooney Heritage Stubby 3 Super 2 Bands are getting harder to come by.

this is the link to the brush I am selling, knot measures 26.5mm × 49mm:


Here are some pics of actual brush for sale. Included in the sale is a used once tub of GFT coconut shave cream I just took delivery of from Bullgoose yesterday. Something in it burned my face a bit.


[Image: Wcf9jdz.jpg]
[Image: 8MbrJ1P.jpg]

[Image: T7dLgSS.jpg]

[Image: IbD7vmi.jpg]

Asking $200 shipped with GFT... OR $180 shipped without GFT.

I feel that gives two good options.

PM with questions.


Better options on pricing added.

SOLD ... lock her up.

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