11-03-2013, 02:20 PM
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Hello gents,

We are pleased to announce that a Butterscotch Edition of Vie-Long shaving brushes has been exclusively for Gifts&Care.com

You will be able to find this Butterscotch Edition in most of your favorites type of hair offered by Vie-Long and different shape. If you can’t find the one that suits you, we’ll find it for you.

We are ready to present you today 4 horse hair models:


- Brown Horse hair
- Brown horse hair with fan shape
- White Horse hair
- White Horse hair and fan shape

We would like to remind TSN members, that forum coupon discount SB10 (10% on shaving brushes) is also applicable on this Butterscotch Edition we’re just launching.

Also, November orders, please mention in the comment area that you are a TSN member and we will include an acrylic stand for your Butterscotch horse hair shaving brush as complement.

[Image: u2y1.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com
[Image: i4t3.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com
[Image: c0wt.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com
[Image: 3oqf.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com
[Image: vus3.jpg]Uploaded with ImageShack.com
Shortly Badger hair shaving brushes will be available.

I hope you enjoy them!
Best Regards,

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 11-03-2013, 02:27 PM
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So many beautiful handles ... Butterscotch! Thanks, Juan.

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 11-04-2013, 08:05 AM
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A really unique and ergonomic handle. This might be worth a twirl.

- Josh -

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 11-20-2013, 04:25 AM
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As one of the main characteristics or features of the new Butterscotch Shaving Brush is the handle, I have taken a picture of two popular Vie-Long models in order to make more evident the differences.

From left to right: 16910 (knot 21mm, loft 50mm) / 16510 (knot 24mm loft 56/57mm) / Butterscotch 16510 (knot 24mm loft 56/57mm)

[Image: kn97.jpg]

[Image: i5lq.jpg]

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