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Greetings everyone, hope everyone is doing well! Today I am selling off the last of my natural brushes, which are boar in this instance. I've been using synthetics almost exclusively for the last year and I'm just tired of seeing these fellas sit around unused..so it's time for them to go to a new home. The lineup is (from left to right) Semogue Italian Barber TriColor LE, Omega Pro 48, Semogue 1800, Omega Premium #39 and an Omega 10005.

The Italian Barber LE has some paint flaking issues, I do not know why as I have taken very good care of it and always dried it immediately after shaving and never soaked it more than 3 minutes at a time. The flaking seems to be limited to just the top "ring" of the handle. The wood underneath is in perfect condition, no swelling or cracking. You can possibly go over it with nail polish or sand it a bit and stain/seal it. Otherwise, the knot is magnificent and well broken in. The Omega 10005 also has some finish issues, it only came with a thin veneer coating and started flaking within a week, there is no wood damage and the knot is nice and low lofted and it's a great brush otherwise. The Omega 48, #39 and the Semogue 1800 are in perfect condition and well broken in.

I am wanting to sell these as a lot to save on shipping and it's just more cost effective as they're low cost brushes. I am looking to get $40 for the lot, which is basically $10 per brush and the 10005 is free..shipping is included.

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