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The Jaguar was one of the great razors of bygone years, known especially for its great steel and fabulous shave. These are hard to find. Here is a 6/8 partially restored and in generally good condition. There is some pitting on the blade, but away from the edge, which does not effect the shave. There is a pit at the point, which also does not effect the shave. Some stains and patina give it a seasoned appearance. The old scales are wood and in good shape. The blade closes perfectly center, but the pins are a wee bit loose. This razor is a fine shaver, and it is shave ready. The razor is ideal for a newbie, who does not want to spend a fortune on a good razor, or a pro, who wants to restore it fully with new scales. The price with U.S. shipping is $70. No trades, please. Paypal is fine. Thanks.
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