11-09-2013, 05:35 PM
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Good Day,

Im offering up some creams that aren't getting much action from me lately so I figure why not offer them up for trade, I have added some Proraso and Cella, So a combination of soaps for the value of MDC not all the soaps just to make that clear now Biggrin

What Im looking for is an Unused tub of MDC or other interesting hard soaps that are looking for a new home.

Here is the list:

GFT Rose Cream about 70/80% left
GFT "GFT" 25% left
AOS Lavender 75%
AOS Lemon 75%
Proraso Sensitive Pre Shave 80% not noted in picture

[Image: 65gBp6r.jpg]
[Image: WEfiGMt.jpg]
[Image: 4kWYDJG.jpg]

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 11-09-2013, 08:25 PM
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Also up for grabs are Original Unused brand new Tubs of Proraso Green.

And 1 Tub unused of Cella.

[Image: 5xcbJeq.jpg]
[Image: H4AMLuj.jpg]

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