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This is an article that I have written for Sharpologist.com , our beloved friend's Mantic59 blog/web page.

[Image: DSC_0268.JPG?m=1384137585]

Another USA artisan shaving soap , which I have the privilege to test , and again , my heart/likes are divided : brilliant shave and skin care but the scent puts me off (a little bit).

Once again , this is the first soap that I test from How to Grow a Moustache , a new artisan which developed the Synergy shaving soap not too long ago , and decided to launch this soap with a seasonal scent : Pumpkin Pie.

The soap comes in a 8oz tin and these are its ingredients :

[Image: DSC_0269.JPG?m=1384137585]

Yes , with those ingredients (Mango Butter , Aloe Vera , Avocado Oil ) my extra dry skin could feel more than secure during the shave ! The soap is also 100% vegan , which could be very appealing to some , including me.However , while is a 100% vegan , with no animal oils on it , behaves quiet close to a tallow based shaving soap.

[Image: DSC_0270.JPG?m=1384138323]

-Presentation : 5

Of all the artisan soaps that I have been testing lately , this and the Petal Pusher one , has the best presentation.It comes in a tin which has a very large aperture.This is brilliant when you are loading the brush , even if if a brush over 26 mm of knot , and very handy to hold on the hand.I also like the design of the stickers , very clear and easy to read.

[Image: DSC_0271-01.JPG?m=1384137625]

-Scent : 9

This soap smells like...yes , you are right , Pumpkin Pie ! And this could be a plus for some , but it is not for me.Its a scent quiet on the spicy/sweet side and doesn't make the cut to make me satisfied with it. Its also a strong scent , which stays during the shave , and even after it so if you love Pumpkin Pie , I have good news to bring , you are going to adore this soap for sure !

-Performance : 9

This is one of the easiest soaps out there to lather and to get the kind of lather most of us like.

A pic with a Simpson Duke 3 best badger after loading it for 20 seconds :

[Image: DSC_0275.JPG?m=1384137625]

Yes , its that easy to load the brush

And this is the lather I get from it after palm lathering for 40 seconds :

[Image: DSC_0278.JPG?m=1384139316]

The lather is quiet rich , but maybe not as thick as other artisan soaps I have tried.However , its slickness is simply wonderful : the blade glides with no effort at all , something that is also very appreciate it by many wet shavers , specially the ones who use a straight razor.If we add that it takes care of a dry skin like mine , very , very well , leaving it with no irritation at all , I can only say that we are in front of a very good shaving soap.

On its instructions (as you can read in one of the previous pics) say that this soap performs better if the water is around 95 to 140 F degrees (around 35 to 60 Celsius degrees ) but I have found that even with cold water the soap lathers very easily and creates the same kind of lather I have pictured.

As I said , I truly enjoy its skin care properties and its presentation (yeah that ! ) and how easy is to load the brush due to the big shape of the dish in which this soap comes.The only "downside" for me its is scent , since while I enjoy Pumpkin Pie , I'm more traditional when it comes to shaving soap/creams scents , and this one is like being smelling a Pumpkin Pie but no chances to eat it ! (well , at least I haven't bite the soap...yet).
Looking forward to try the Synergy soap from this brand and I can only say , well done guys from How to Grow a Moustache !

Thanks to How to Grow a Moustache for giving me the chance to try this new soap , as well as Sharpologist.com

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 11-10-2013, 07:30 PM
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Nice review as always. I have a tin and I was very impressed for the most part. I loved the scent but as always YMMV. The tin is really neat looking. It did make my face very red during the shave though.

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 11-10-2013, 08:27 PM
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I have the Lime and Bay Rum variants of this soap and both are wonderful, without a doubt one of the best soaps out there!

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 11-10-2013, 08:48 PM
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I would have to echo the sentiments expressed, here. I have just recently picked up this soap, but in the Cedar/Lavender scent and it is as Teiste describes; extremely easy to load and generates tons of lather in 20-30 seconds of loading time; provides incredible cushion and glide with very good post-shave properties; the Cedar/Lavender scent is quickly becoming one of my favourites as it is just incredible, for me, anyway. I am extremely impressed by this soap and look forward to trying out more of their scents and giving this soap a thorough testing for the next few weeks!
Thanks for the review, Teiste! Smile

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 11-11-2013, 05:20 AM
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Bravo on the review, sir!

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 11-18-2013, 05:42 PM
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Just received my pumpkin soap from Italian Barber (it's out of stock at IB). Already used and can tell you that if you like pumpkin pie this is your soap. I didn't find it's scent overpowering, I would call it medium. Slick goodness. It does like a little water. I really can't wait to try their Frost Byte soap.The description is as follows,
Frost Byte (Menthol,Eucalyptus,Tea Tree Oil & Peppermint) Douglas (the owner) told me it will clear your sinuses, and its a face freezer. It's on my to buy list for sure.

And if that get your interest up I have no idea what will.

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 11-18-2013, 05:58 PM
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I really like the pumpkin scent, especially when it hits your face with a warm brush!
It is easy to lather, and the slickness and cushion work for me as well. One of my current favorites.

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 11-20-2013, 10:09 PM
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Very nice review Teiste, I love the natural ingredient list Thumbup

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