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It is usual practice for the Administrators and Moderators at The Shave Nook not to comment publicly or privately with our membership in relation to the banning of members.

However, Gary Young is a man of importance within the Traditional Shaving world and as a result his departure from our forum will no doubt attract some speculation.

Gary Young has a wealth of knowledge about Simpson’s past. His connection to his family’s business is intensely passionate and equally personal. It is the depth of his attachment with the past that has impacted on Gary Young’s future with The Shave Nook.

Recent brush endeavours under Simpson’s current ownership, including the revival of the P8 and M7 have impacted negatively upon Gary Young. This has subsequently extended to his relationship with The Shave Nook.

The purpose of this address is not to highlight specific events leading to the decisions made, but in the interests of ensuring membership confidence when these difficult choices require actioning.

The Shave Nook Administrators and Moderation Team wish Gary Young only the very best and share his passion for his family’s legacy even though we may disagree on the best way to honour it.

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