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This is an article that I have written for Sharpologist.com , our beloved friend's Mantic59 blog/web page.

[Image: DSC_0349.JPG?m=1384716734]

From beautiful Norway I have received this sample of the Fitjar Rose Frost shaving cream and soap.Once again , and this is seems part of the experience of testing artisan soaps/creams , mixed feelings about it : excellent scent but difficult to lather.I only have tested the shaving cream.

[Image: DSC_0351.JPG?m=1384716751]

Presentation : 4

Neat looking presentation just for two samples of shaving creams and soap.In the details , you can find the excellence , and in this case , well done for Jorun (he woman behind Fitjar soaps and creams).The cream came in a 20 ml container and both the cream and the soap came on a carboard box , with a paper explaining the story behind the Rose Frost scent and its ingredients.

[Image: DSC_0352-01.JPG?m=1384716774]

[Image: DSC_0355.JPG?m=1384716815]

These are the ingredients of the shaving cream and soap :

[Image: DSC_0353.JPG?m=1384716795]

As you can read , the shaving cream is 100 vegan , but contains Olive Oil as an ingredient.It doesn't mean that every cream or soap with Olive Oil is not going to create a stable lather , but in some cases , its quiet difficult to make lather with soaps/creams which contains this "tasty" ingredient.

Also contains menthol , which is not very strong as Proraso , but its there and I can feel it.

-Scent : 10

If you love Rose scented creams or floral scents , you have to try this one.It smells like Roses , very strong but at the same time , delicate.Also other floral notes are there , which makes it a complex scent , something that many of us truly appreciate.Also , due to the pine notes , is a fresh scent , not on the sweet side of Rose scented shaving creams.For me deserves a 10.

-Performance : 5

Well , this is where I find its weakest point.The cream has a thick texture , something that I also like :

[Image: DSC_0357.JPG?m=1384716826]

but , as I said , some creams with Olive Oil as an ingredient are hard , very hard to lather or to get stable , thick lather from.

I have used a Duke 1 best badger , and let me tell you , if you want to create lather , use a lot of cream ! and when I say a lot , I mean a lot , at least 2 to 3 g of cream.

Here the Duke 1 (there is more cream inside of the brush.For this hand lather test I might have used around 3 g of cream) ready to get some action :

[Image: DSC_0359.JPG?m=1384716860]

And this is the lather I got , after two minutes of palm lathering :

[Image: DSC_0361.JPG?m=1384716885]

You also will need a lot of water to create that lather.It is not the densest or thickest lather either , but since it contains Olive oil , its lubrication (glide) its top notch.

The shaves have been comfortable , no irritation after it , but my skin was dry after it (I have very dry too , I must say too).

Great scent , nice presentation , but you have to develop patience to create lather using a lot of product and the lather wont be as dense as other shaving creams or soaps out there.

Thanks to Fitjar for giving me the chance to try this new soap , as well as Sharpologist.com

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 11-17-2013, 12:19 PM
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Thanks for the review, mano! Smile

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 11-17-2013, 04:41 PM
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I had always wondered how Fitjar was. Thanks for the review

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 11-17-2013, 07:08 PM
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I used the cream today and for me the performance was also lacking. The soap was much better in the performance category but still not the best.

I got very little protection on my neck with the cream and my face was definitely on the dry side of the scale after the shave was completely.

I was contemplating to stock this cream and soap for a long time but after 4-5 shaves, the price-performance ratio is just not there and I can't see it being a good seller.

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 11-18-2013, 08:48 PM
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I must unfortunately echo the comments of Teiste and Joe. I purchased the Neroli cream about a year ago from Gifts&Care on the strong recommendation of several experienced members of another established forum. I was so underwhelmed by it that I sent a video to Jorunn (the proprietress) of back to back lathering of her cream and Castle Forbes. Same brush, same amount of water, same quantity of cream. I hardly got any lather from the Fitjar and a bowl full from the CF.

She very graciously sent me a new tub (without asking for the old one back), but I am afraid the performance was the same--very subpar. I only use it now for cleaning out brushes I buy used.

As a side note, I bought the Fitjar to celebrate my first Simpson 3 band Super, a Persian Jar 3. The initial impressions with the Fitjar was that it was a very difficult brush to use. I guess I never could overcome that impression. It remains the only brush I have ever sold.

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 11-19-2013, 06:37 AM
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Thanks for another great review Teiste.

I've used Fitjar in the past and while I've had no issue lathering, they did leave my skin feeling dry. The scent of this particular one sounds rather appealing, but I'm of the same opinion when it comes to olive oil - best in my mouth and not on my face...

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 11-19-2013, 07:17 AM
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Never tried any of these products, but it is also disconcerting to note that the soap contains sodium lauryl sulphate. My skin is very sensitive to this ingredient, so this soap would be a no-go for me even if it lathered like MdC and had the best scent in the universe.

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