11-20-2013, 08:58 AM
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Hello gentlemen! I just bought a new laptop for school and I need to raise some funds. None of these brushes are shedders. None of them include a box. All prices are fairly firm, no trades. I'd like to keep this CONUS via Paypal, prices include shipping with tracking. If you are SPF with me, please pay in a timely fashion. Please do not post PM sent in the thread. Thanks for looking!

1.) Rudy Vey Keyhole - TGN Finest, no logo. I only used it about 5-10 times. This is a very special knot that Rudy recommended for me, the cream of the crop. It is very soft, has good backbone, and gel like tips - $60

Knot - 24.5mm
Loft - 45mm
Handle - 55mm
Overall height - 100mm
Ratio - 1.84
Shape - Fan

[Image: rTNK5ZY.jpg]
[Image: vrYn8HG.jpg]
[Image: UjYLv4S.jpg]

2.) B&B Essential Boar - I bought this brush mainly just to donate but also to give boar a chance. Boar is not for me. I hand lathered this for a week to break it in and then gave it one face lather - $20 - SOLD

Knot - 23.5mm
Loft - 55mm
Handle - 50mm
Overall height - 105mm
Ratio - 2.34
Shape - Fan

[Image: ADj6epP.jpg]

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Mods please archive.

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...and archived! Congratulations to seller & buyers!

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