11-23-2013, 04:33 AM
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Ok, I moved almost 3 months ago but have a hard time letting go. I have some more stuff coming in and need really need to start down sizing.

Prices include CONUS shipping and paypal fees. I will try to ship international if a person bundles several items to make it worthwhile, additional shipping charges would apply.

Up for consideration

Merkur Futur Satin used ~15 times. I just can't get into the adjustables $65 shipped
Full disclosure, I thought it was defective where the head was misaligned so I had Merkur/dovo send me a new head. I was sent a PM to just flip the head around, and that corrected the 'problem' I thought I had. I have never installed the extra head, and it will be included. Box included as well. sold

Gillette Slim H 1, user grade, I think it's in great shape, doors open and close properly, but again, I just do not get along with adjustables $28 now $22 shipped sold

Cadet Sante Fe TTO-11 used 10-15 times. (has a crack in the case) I like my Weber too much to use it. $22 now $18 shipped

I Coloniali soap with terracotta bowl and box. Used ~8 times, 90+%. Just not for me. $30 shipped. I will extra wrap it to protect the bowl. sold

Jabonman Ylang Ylang Patchuli Naranja 90% $15 shipped
Jabonman brisa de Oriente 80% $13 shipped
The tins may have the usual dents. If the first person buys both, they will be $25 shipped. both sold

TSN Dirty Bird Bill Bowl 11/50
I face lather so this just sits in the drawer unused. $30 now $26 shipped Sold

Lastly are the brushes. I only use badger or maybe a synthetic now, so these just sit on the shelf or in a drawer. I am keeping just one boar, a Semogue 1305 just in case.

Wet Shaving Products boar used less than ~10 times, not broken in yet $12 shipped, withdrawn, I am going to reknot it

Semogue 1438 with 20-25 uses. $14 now $12 shipped

Vie-Long 14095B white 65/35 horse hair brush used ~5 times $22 now $20 shipped Sold

Vie-Long 12651 brown 50/50 horse hair brush used ~ 10-12 times $20 now $18 shipped sold

Take both VL Horse brushes for $38 now $35 shipped

No need to post PM sent.

Any further questions or pictures needed, let me know.

[Image: f0d9b535-35b9-4caa-8494-88f78dc700d0.jpg]

[Image: 9799dc3c56a0fd5cd1bd5872b27749eb.jpg]

[Image: c0c1e28c-9002-4e0a-912d-fd0918774b59.jpg]

[Image: 995d36ff-7ca0-488a-ae3f-e825167f9d9e.jpg]

[Image: b08f1116-2a7f-462c-b8dd-7c1218ba6f95.jpg]

[Image: 37b74ae0-26d8-43bb-a274-c83d732e1aac.jpg]

[Image: f93bc4b5-0d30-4865-a75e-a2e708794399.jpg]

[Image: 21f6d67b-5ccd-4e07-91ed-3e34f7c3249d.jpg]

[Image: 91ad71285f654bee5fd90e1fa67dc32c.jpg]

[Image: bfeaa51466f93b397c8249cedce93487.jpg]

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 11-24-2013, 05:21 AM
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Prices reduced

I will also trade the TSN Bill bowl for a 100 gram Le Pere Luciene

Or Both VL horse brushes for a 200 gram Le Pere Luciene

Or some other combination of available items? for Le Pere Luciene.

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 11-24-2013, 05:29 AM
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Go for the Père Lucien. It's an amazing soap.

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 11-26-2013, 04:01 AM
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Final reductions, I will be pulling the remaining items after tomorrow.

I am kind of surprised there has been no interest in the slim, maybe because of all the new Cobras that have been purchased Biggrin

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 11-27-2013, 07:20 PM
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The 2 horses are spoken for, The Slim, cadet, and 1438 remain.

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 11-28-2013, 11:47 AM
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PM for Slim

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 11-30-2013, 03:01 PM
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Slim and horses also gone, withdrawing the cadet and 1438, please archive

Thanks, buyers and Nook!

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