11-28-2013, 08:57 AM
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Good day everyone! I'm looking to sell these fine brushes (no shedding issues) because I'm looking at getting a chubby 2 in 2-band Biggrin

Prices include USA shipping, I'm willing to sell anywhere just PM me. Paypal only please, thanks for looking.

1) Vie-Long JL Petree 2-band: knot 23/50. Bought this used, but it's in great shape. Brush is really nice and dense, just a little scritchy for my tastes. Sorry, I don't have the original box. $60 SOLD
2) WSP 2-band "green lanter": knot 24/50. I bought this new and used it lightly (~15 times). It's a terrific brush with great backbone, yet nice soft tips. $50 SOLD

[Image: AIXUA6t.jpg]

[Image: LYFJzcm.jpg]

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