12-02-2013, 05:54 PM
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Nick's Red Jacket

Here's my review of this soap that I provided for the Scent Off 2013. You will notice that my ratings of scent and presentation are very similar to the average score given by the judges. However, performance was truly where the expression YMMV comes into play.

Scent - 8.5
Performance - 10
Presentation - 4

The puck of Nick's Red Jacket arrived in red pouch with a silver drawstring reminiscent of a miniature gift bag belonging to St. Nick. The presentation left no doubt that this was a Christmastime themed soap.

This soap presents as a soap with a complex scent to me. When I was building a lather I could detect hints of spice, clove, peppermint and a heavier scent that must have been the tobacco or oakmoss ingredients. Overall, the scent of the soap is a balanced blend of goodness with no ingredient outweighing the other. The artisan soap maker described the scent as,"the scent of Christmas Eve clinging to St. Nick's jacket on Christmas Eve on his journey home to the North Pole." I believe the description was as accurate as any that I could provide. The scent of the soap did not seem to linger long after my three pass shave and it did not interfere with the selection of after shave or cologne.

The performance of Nick's Red Jacket was superb. The soap easily produced copious amounts of lather whether building lather in a bowl or face lathering. The soap was not a overly thirsty soap and the quality of the later was excellent with a slick and lubricating feel. The slickness of the lather was so good that it reminded me of what I sometimes describe as a "slick trout" feel. When I have a soap that performs with this level of cushioning and glide I know that the conditioning qualities will be top notch. My skin felt soft and smooth long after the shave and I often reminded myself of this by placing my hand to my face repeatedly throughout the morning. A great performing soap such as will be used throughout the year because it is such a joy to use and experience. The Scent Off 2013 has allowed me to use some excellent soaps and Nick's Red Jacket is one of the best soaps I have tried recently.

Maybe it is the ingredients in the soap that provide the slickness to St. Nick's Jacket allowing him to glide up and down the tight spots in the chimney.

William aka ridgerunner

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 12-02-2013, 08:48 PM
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William, thanks for the review. Any pics of the soap? Smile

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 12-02-2013, 10:06 PM
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Do you find the performance of this soap different/better/worse than their others?

Thanks so much for the review. I've been thinking of ordering some GMS for a while now, especially since it is made in my home state. My S.A.D. flared up a while back causing me to be a little overstocked right now, but I've still been thinking of trying to find a nice holiday/winter scent. Sounds like this might be the one to try.

FYI, there are some pics of the soap on the Green Mountain website.

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