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ok so after chasing the Bay Rum ship and finding what I enjoy and what I really love as far as what I can purchase I decided to concoct my own little tonic here it is (public knowledge) first of all, my opinion as bay rums go is limited to researching and trying three that are commercially available my top three choices are as follows and the reasons for my choices are the same longevity of scent and skin care properties. KFBR top choice, second Captains Choice (reg) and finally Pinaud.
now on to what I want to share first my disclaimer: using this recipe is at your own risk I assume no liability.
Pappas Bay Rum.
75ml Spiced Rum (your choice) I used Calypso.
2ml Nuetragena body oil (sesame oil)
1/2ml vitamin e oil
3 1/2ml Aloe Vera gel (pure)
60ml witch hazel (brand your choice)
100 drops of vegetable glycerin USP.
25 drops Bay oil brand your choice I used Natures Kiss
2 linear inches of fresh lime Zest (leave in bottle)
add spiced rum to container, add aloe vera gel and lime zest, shake vigorously, the gel dissipates better if you add it to the rum hence adding it first, the zest releases its scent and oils better in the alcohol and is best left in the mix so as to "evolve". next add any of the other oils and the glycerin. finally add the witch hazel and shake vigorously again. I found that using the bay oil is convenient to me as you can use this "tonic" right after you make it! It does evolve with time very nicely I might add.

note: this is a NO CLOVE or CINNAMON recipe! also the higher the alcohol content of the rum will help in emulsifying the mix and add to the "burn" that some people like. Also this "tonic" like any other is best shaken before each use! enjoy and any comments are welcomed!
OH! and of course any suggestions or changes would be welcomed!

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