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A few items up for sale today....All items pictured and priced below include CONUS shipping, Paypal payment, no trade offers please. Please PM me if you have any questions or interest in the items. Thank you for looking.

CLASSIC 1- $70 SOLD The little Chubby or the Chubby 0 as it as affectionately is nicknamed.....Incredibly dense, luxurious brush. This one is in Best Badger but feels like Super....Great face lathering brush that also could double as one heck of a travel companion. Only reason I'm selling this one is that I have several bespoke Classics from Simpson. Non shedder.

Wolf Whiskers Custom Bret Junior $55 SOLD- Pete Wolf makes some stunning brushes and actually pours his handle material for custom color schemes. I asked him for black and gold and go this beauty. It has a TGN F2 Finest 24X48 bulb knot. Lovely brush however I'm not a fan of bulb knot thus the reason for the sale....super soft tips with perfect backbone for lathering either soaps or creams. Non shedder, originally purchased at $77.

Stirling Soap & DR Harris S/C lot SPF- $20- You get once used Sharp dressed man, Sandalwood and Tuscany in tins along with 6X used tube of DR Harris Eucalyptus s/c.

Myrsol A/S Lot - $48 SOLD Used approximately 2-3 each, 1 glass bottle of Plastic A/S and one 200ml plastic bottle of Agua de Limon (Lemon) A/S. Outstanding stuff, just use my other Myrsol scents much more.

GFT Spanish Leather Cologne & D.R.Harris Sandalwood A/S - SOLD$65 for both....basically you're getting too terrific smelling items for the price of one.

[Image: VTln1NB.jpg][Image: 094cWI4.jpg][Image: lVfAsJX.jpg][Image: DJ4iSKE.jpg][Image: AdzkAhJ.jpg]

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