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TSN and 'Restraints'/'Sabbaticals'

The Moderators and Administrators of The Shave Nook have discussed the issue of ‘restraints’, ‘sabbaticals’, and other movements that have made a presence on the various shaving forums in recent years. After careful deliberation, we have decided that TSN is not the appropriate place for such movements to be initiated and continued as group ventures.

The primary purpose of TSN is to facilitate and encourage a venue for positive dialogue between members who have a common interest in wet shaving and associated activities. The goals of the forum are to allow members to share their experiences with hardware, software, and techniques, in an effort to gain understanding and achieve growth, both individually and as a whole.

While we respect the choices made by individuals in terms of their purchasing habits and acquisitions, we don’t feel that it is necessarily appropriate for individuals to rally others in the cause of ‘restraints’ or ‘sabbaticals’. In other words, at this time TSN does not wish to be an arena for group causes involving ‘restraint’ or ‘abstinence’ from experiencing new products related to wet shaving.

We feel that choices in terms of ‘restraints’, ‘sabbaticals’, ‘abstinence’ of purchasing, etc., should be individual decisions, based upon personal reasons, and not something to be promoted or propagated as a group cause or movement.

This in no way represents a judgment of those who exercise such individual choices. We are not implying that those who choose to restrain themselves are any less welcome here.

In the end, TSN strives to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for all to share in, regardless of their individual perspective on things.

Thank you for your understanding.

Ravi, on behalf of The Moderators and Administrators of TSN

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