12-19-2013, 07:32 AM
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I'm just finishing up my second year of wet shaving. The first year, 2012, was a crazy year of accumulation and trying every soap and blade I possibly could, as well as buying over 2 dozen vintage razors.

For 2013 my goal was to settle down, limit purchases, and start working on the things I already own. Specifically, I wanted to try my favorite blades in as many of the vintage razors I had collected as I could, limit my soap and cream use (I have about 60 soaps & creams) by paring down my rotation to just 11 products, with only occasional uses of others, and not buy any more blades, soaps or creams.

For the most part I was successful. I limited my testing of new blades to just 2 or 3 new brands, I stuck to the 11 soap/cream rotation, and only bought a few new soaps and creams when the deal was just too good to pass up, or if I found vintage soaps at decent prices. Where I failed was limiting blade purchases. This year I've bought 500 PolSilver SI's, 60 NOS Wilkinson Sword (UK), and 26 Personna 74's.

My goals for 2014:

1. Continue with a 10 to 12 soap/cream rotation, with occasional trysts with other products. Each product will get used for at least 10 shaves in a row, perhaps more.

2. Get back to testing blades - I have 21 brands I've not tried yet. The biggest group I'll try this year will be the Gillettes (Goal, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, & Silver Blue). I'll take my favorite razors and use one of each of those in the same razor, consecutively, with a Voskhod thrown in as a reference. Using each blade 3 times, that's 21 days of shaves, so I'll do that with a different razor each month, for 5 months of shaves, leaving the rest of the month to try other blades, or go back to standards.

3. Sell at least 20% of my software. I'd like to go higher but I'm having a difficult time even paring it by 10%

4. Sell 25% of my vintage razors

5. Restore at least 2 brushes, one with a synthetic know and one with a TGN Finest

So what about you? What are your goals for 2014? If you set goals for 2013, what were they and how did you do? I know many of you don't plan your shaves or goals at all, and that's great, but there must be others that set goals like I do.

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 12-19-2013, 07:52 AM
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I didn't have that many things but limited it even further this year, not been a collector (but I like trying new things) I only keep what works exceptionally well for me. I'm set for 2014, just awaiting the HuntLee razor and maybe a brush, that's it.

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 12-19-2013, 09:00 AM
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To enjoy my shaves as much as possible, each day and to take some better photos of my gear! Biggrin

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 12-19-2013, 10:01 AM
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(12-19-2013, 09:00 AM)celestino Wrote: To enjoy my shaves as much as possible, each day and to take some better photos of my gear! Biggrin

Very admirable goals!!

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 12-19-2013, 10:36 AM
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I never set goals, especially for something like shaving. However, here is what I don't want to lose:

1) The wonder of a BBS shave, no matter how many times I may achieve it.

2) Great products, that when used up are still available for replacing. (Think mostly software here.)

3) Picking up that occasional technique that I didn't know about and discovering that it just works.

4) The breezy camaraderie here at The Shave Nook that keeps me coming back on an almost daily basis.


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 12-19-2013, 10:43 AM
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I want to continue adding new products to my sample store. I added approximately 80 products after opening with around 70. I'm also focusing on Semogue Boars in my personal den. Looking to add Limited editions and hard to find Semogue's.

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 12-19-2013, 01:25 PM
  • krissy
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..... personal goals, now no laughing here..... but to shave my legs a bit more often than I have. I bet my hubby would appreciate if anything. But once a month (or a bit longer) just isn't enough. And it's not because I don't have the materials, I have my DE, tons of blades, more than enough soap and creams, and several brushes of my very own. But when I grab a shower, I just want to jump in and jump out and crawl into bed at night.

I also want to spend more time sewing.... Before I took up soapmaking I did a lot of sewing. I sold many quilts on ebay and gave several as gifts to friends and family. I took my sewing machine up from the basement a bit more than a year ago. But only to find the cord wasn't put with the machine and I didn't have it in me to try to find it... so I did what every normal woman would do and order a new one. LOL I made a few products and put the dust cover on it. But I really missed not sewing.... Well knowing two people having babies and a daughter wanting a few new dresses made me take it out again. The one of my recent products that I am most proud of is the tiny dobok that I made for my son's taekwondo teachers as their son was just born not long ago. They don't make doboks that small you see, so I made my own using a basic layette pattern and iron on transfer paper that I printed the patches and ironed them on. That way it was nice and soft for the tike but looks very real.
Here is the album if you want to take a peek at the quilt and dobok I made for them. http://s271.photobucket.com/user/iiapco2...t=4&page=1
When they had professional picts taken of their son, there is one of the little babe laying out on his quilt wearing his dobok. Absolutely adorable....

These are things I want to do for myself... me, myself and I. I don't want my life to revolve around soap and soap business. Just like many of you have hobbies and desires to do when you punch out of work for the day or week.

But another personal goal is to hand piece a quilt. I decided on a hexagon quilt and found a quilt that I used as my inspiration piece. I'm using the English Paper piecing method which you iron on freezer paper on to the back of the fabric that is cut bigger than the freezer paper. You fold the raw edges in, sew the corners so they stay in place. That way all your raw edges are on the inside and you can then sew your hexagrams together to form the pattern that you want it to look like. My mom only made one quilt in her life and it was all by hand. She never made a second, but that quilt fits a full size bed so it's not very small. But my quilt will have a border machine stitched and it will be machine quilted instead of hand. But the blocks will be hand sewn. I've got 3 blocks done so far and I can take it anywhere I want because it's still small. But I often sew a few every night before I go to sleep. Depending on my hands and how much hand sewing they can take. But I am really enjoying this hand sewing so I know it won't be my last quilt. I just wish I had done it when my mum as alive. It will also be lap size, so a nice size for a toddler to wrap up and around in or for an adult to throw across their lap.

I also want to sew other smaller projects that are fun. Such as rubbish bags for vehicles! I made myself on and now I don't know what I would do without it. Now I need to make back seat ones for the kids. But also placemats and pillow shams..... So many great fabrics to use! I have always loved fabrics. The sale of those items will go towards saving so we can take our son to ATA taekwondo tournaments. This has been the best thing we could have done for our son that has severe ADHD and aspergers. In loo of a bunch of Christmas gifts (aka junk) the kids don't need... we took a good share of our saved holiday funds was spent to take Case to the Fargo tourney.... He did well and while there were only 3 boys in his division, he did take 1st in sparring, 1st in Weapons, and 2nd in forums. He didn't prepare for this one but the judges asked him to do it anyways because the one fee covered multiple things. But he got second when he winged it! The sale of my shaving goods will also be going mostly to fund this as well. If you want to see his video's they are clearly marked Fargo Dec Tourney
If anything check out his weapons. He nailed it and his speed it amazing! It's only 40 seconds long... his sparring is awesome as well as he made several kicks to his opponents head. I'm just so proud of him! The next tournament is January 15th in Iowa! So we hope to be able to go to that.

Another goal is to spend less time on the computer. But I don't think I'll give up on my time texting on my cell phone... I've done so much of that the last number of years especially when I was trying to build my business. But my kids suffered because I spent less time with them. So now I plan to spend more time from the moment they get home in the afternoon after school with them to when they go to bed. Be a MOM! But also working on sewing projects with my 10 year old daughter as she has taken a keen interest in my sewing machine since I let her sit and make her first stitch with it. Last weekend the hubby and I went out of town to do some shopping and when I came home she had made a santa beard for her webkinz herself. Which goes with the santa hat she made earlier with a little help from me. There are things I want to teach her with sewing rather than doing her own thing. I want to show her how to follow a sewing pattern but also how to quilt. She has been bitten by the crafting bug many years ago and sewing is just one more feather in her hat.

Last but not least I have some business goals this year.... I struggle with trying to do everything, but know that's not possible because with my fibromyalgia I need to pace myself a bit. As much as I wish I could do it all, I know I just can't so I need to be realistic. But I can say that orders do go out in a timely manner. I work on certain things on certain days of the week, so if I work with my tallow and lanolin shaving soap on tuesday and an order comes in the next day it does wait till the next week. But that is written at the top of the listing to expect that. So some understanding is needed when ordering a custom made item. It saves me a lot of time rather than trying to do everything in one single day. I did that before and it was insane on my part, but I believe my customers liked getting their orders quicker. But I also need to focus on the long term effects and streamline how I do things. This is in part because I offer so many more scents than the other artisan soapmakers that work with lye and oils like me, not the ones that use melt and pour glycerin soap bases. I offer so many scents because scent is a personal preference. What one person likes, another won't. So I add quite a variety of scents to have something to please most. But I also work to keep a number of pucks of shaving soap ready made that are ready to be shipped which include scents that I have that are not a part of my regular inventory for something different and unique. I make these when I fill orders for other shaving soaps when I am working with the shaving soap, so I just make extras to offer.

But I offer several soaps and two creams at the moment. But I would like to add another soap and cream. But I want to build my bath and body line more as well. Such as lotions, cream and bath soaps for both men and women and children. But while offering them on my website, but get into selling locally in a couple of local stores in the town I live in and a couple that are close to where I live. I've wanted to do that for several years now, but I feel now is the right time to do it.

One thing I haven't done in the past but I would like to do for my customers. Is to offer sales for a % off discount on orders. I would also like to have a scent of the month. Pre-make a certain number of those items and they would be sold at a discount.

But it's easy to want to but I need to make a plan on paper to find a way to accomplish everything that I want to on a personal level and business level.

So bring on 2014.... it's going to be a great year!!! (whispers I hope...) I have plans and I am going to work hard to make them come to light....

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 12-19-2013, 07:54 PM
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(12-19-2013, 10:01 AM)5Savages Wrote:
(12-19-2013, 09:00 AM)celestino Wrote: To enjoy my shaves as much as possible, each day and to take some better photos of my gear! Biggrin

Very admirable goals!!

* Thanks, Pat! I have very high standards. TongueBiggrin

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 12-19-2013, 09:26 PM
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1. I want to get rid of the hardware and creams that I don't use. Some I will sell, some I may give away, some are so inexpensive there's not much to do but trash them. I think I've figured out what my tastes are, now.

2. Continue to make soaps, and open for business at least at low volume.

3. Acquire a slant or stainless steel razor.

4. Finish both my in-progress novels.

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 12-21-2013, 12:25 PM
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1) I will continue to try and use new soaps.
2) I will continue to pick up LE brushes which strike my fancy.
3) If iKon comes out with another dual head razor I will pick it up.
4) I will be ridding myself of a number of AS / EdT products.
5) I will rid myself of a number of soaps I still have as my rotation is too large.
6) I will be paring down my collection of razors. Not yet sure what will go, but at least one more Joris, some custom handled Merkurs, and some vintage razors will all be going.

I am hoping that 2014 is the year of realization of what I do and do not love, and getting rid of everything which doesn't fall into the "love it" category.

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 12-21-2013, 04:17 PM
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My goal is to downsize the amount of stuff I have and just some of it used up. Perhaps some discipline in using a product over extended periods to put a dent in them.

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 12-22-2013, 04:35 PM
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Great thread! For me:

- Enjoy what I have

- Continue to learn more about shaving

- Get rid of products that I don't use or irritate my skin

- Likely acquire a Simpson Chubby 2 synthetic & HuntLee Razor

- Spend more time on photography, including improving SOD pics

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 12-30-2013, 12:15 PM
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Besides curbing my wet shaving spending. My #1 goal in 2014 is to try the cold water shave... at least once.

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 12-30-2013, 12:45 PM
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Like Krissy, spend less time on the computer when away from work.

Part of the deal with moving was to acquire a router, router table, drill press, and a lathe which I have done over the past several weeks.

So now my biggest goal for the year will be to spend time restoring brushes, and learning to make razor/brush stands and to turn brush handles. Not limited to these items, but that's where I want to start.

2, now that I have soft water, learn how to consistently make a good lather with Mystic Water soaps.

3, I only have plans to pickup one razor, a HuntLee. The only brushes I want to add are the ones I make or restore.

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 12-31-2013, 01:06 AM
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Pretty simple, continue to use up product (MWF, Cade, not sure what else is after that), and sell more stuff that I don't use.

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 12-31-2013, 12:11 PM
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1) Round out my SE collection.
2) Continue to try things that interest me.
3) Try and bring as many new wet shavers into the fold.
4) Continue to visit and hang out @ The Shave Nook....

Happy New Year and Happy Shaves in 2014!!!

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 12-31-2013, 12:20 PM
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for 2014 i wanna sleep more + acquire plenty more soaps.

i wish you all a healthy new year.

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 01-01-2014, 02:45 PM
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I cleared the den of razors, brushes, and soaps I did not use. So, my goal for 2014 is to enjoy what I have and not purchase any additional gear. I am settled on soaps and creams I use and have a nice supply. Also, I am down to five vintage Gillette razors and one Schick Krona so no new razors.

My other hobby is woodworking and I want to build some homemade brush/razor stands for a number of LE brushes I picked up in 2013.


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 01-01-2014, 04:07 PM
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Nice thread!

I have only a a few:

1 - Try to finish most of my (soft) creams so that I can concentrate almost solely on shaving soaps, which I definitely prefer;
2 - Getting more and more proficient with the SR... Love to shave with it;
3 - And, finally, spend way less money on shaving gear... 2013 was a bit too much! Biggrin


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