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I ask in hopes that members will help other members by sending a scent sample. Scent is one of the largest gambles we take and sometimes we fail--we all know how that feels.

I took a $30+ gamble with Alt Innsbruck and won.
I took a $20+ gamble with Floid and lost.
Some gambles cost far more than others and that is where the risk of losing can ruin your day.

Reading reviews you can get a good idea if a product works or not and how well, but what you can never read is the scent.

With that, I simply ask if anyone is willing to trade scents so people aren't forced into costly blind purchases? I personally don't own many brands of AS, mainly out of fear of ending up with a $20 bottle of goat urine. lol
What I do own I'd be more than willing to share.

Some products are expensive, so it's obvious only to send enough to give someone an idea of the scent, not to actually use. The only question is how do you mail a smell?
Maybe a cottonball in a ziplock sent via standard mail?

If anyone thinks this is worth doing, has ideas/suggestions or thinks it's a ridiculous idea just respond.

I can share; Alt Innsbruck, Floid (suave), 4711, Proraso and St. Lucia bay rum.
I'd like to try; Musgo and Spieck.

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