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All items are ready for shipping. Payment by PayPal. USPS Priority shipping costs included in the ConUS. I will entertain Int'l shipping, but shipping costs will need to be addressed separately.

Would consider trades...a Ralf Aust (7/8 Spanish Tip with Jimps.. or similar would be awesome). A custom western grind Kamisori, from Brian Brown, or Max, or for hones.. Shapton Glass-16k or Naniwa 12k

Thiers Issard ~ Barbers Special #69 - $130 [SOLD]

Catch and release for me.. I have other TI's and this one is redundant.

6/8, round point, hollow grind. Blade is engraved Special Barbers Dures. Jimps on the lower side.

Some light water spots are at the stabilizers and some expected scuffing at the tang. Scales are not likely original, but are in good order. Pins are tight; Blades centers perfectly.

Shave ready by my standards, hopefully yours as well. Great balance, and performance.

[Image: p663348891-3.jpg]

[Image: p770583200-3.jpg]

[Image: e3685d8a3]

[Image: p630888883-3.jpg]

(Reflection of the ceiling fixture...)
[Image: p1012065945-3.jpg]

[Image: p863056491-3.jpg]

DePews ~ The Perfect Razor - $65 [SOLD]

A really unique razor.. Shown beside the TI Barbers Special, you can see it's quite small. 9/16's and just over 2" long. The monkey tail is a full 2" from the pivot pin to its end, to in hand, it's quite comfortable.

There is a fair amount of hone wear, but some of the blade etching is still visible. The tail is clearly stamped DePews Patent June 1882.

Scales are decent with no cracks or splits at the pins. Black plastic or celluloid. The top edge of the back scale has a divot in it that looks like the blade was closed off center and impacted the scale. That said, it closes on center, though is a wee bit loose at the pivot.

[Image: p646544127-3.jpg]

[Image: p86377676-3.jpg]

[Image: p403205264-3.jpg]

[Image: p93764996-3.jpg]

[Image: p323469074-3.jpg]

[Image: p1055649634-3.jpg]

Everite Safety Straight - Two offered for sale. $100 each

Unique item.. for the collector or user. Everite Safety Straight Razor with Lifetime Soligen Blade. Manufactured by the Everite corporation of Detroit Mich.

The blade is a 6/8 half quarter hollow at 11/8 wide. It has a removable handle that screws into the blade in two configurations: from the side in a traditional straight razor fashion or from the bottom as a safety razor. Either configuration can be used with or without the blade guard which is removable for servicing the blade as well. The blade, handle and guard are stored in a white nylon case that also holds a hone and strop for maintaining the edge. The hone surface appears to be unused and still shows the Everite logo. The strop is equally pristine and appears to be unused.

The case, hone, strop and blade/handle fit in the original box with the manufactures instructions which are also in perfect condition without tears, folds or stains. Though I can't guarantee it, I believe this item to be NOS. I can't see any evidence of it having been honed or stropped and given the source and packaging when I took possession, I don't believe it to ever have been in circulation, let alone out of the box. There are some spots on the blades which appear to be able to be polished out. I've given them a light polish (and sadly did a horrible job of removing the excess before photos, sorry). The box for each are is in amazing shape showing no wear or tear at all.

Conceptually, this is similar to the Rolls Razor, though not nearly as over-engineered and able to be used in both straight and safety razor configuration, where the Rolls is safety razor config only.

Not shave ready.

An amazing piece. In my years of wet shaving and collecting, research has revealed only two of these outside of the ones I have, and only one of those two was complete..

First setup:
[Image: p789050304-3.jpg]

[Image: p810433570-3.jpg]

[Image: p827568881-3.jpg]

[Image: p1024990927-3.jpg]

[Image: p779545606-3.jpg]

[Image: p566042178-3.jpg]

[Image: p831372247-3.jpg]

And the second...[Pending Funds]

[Image: p690204263-3.jpg]

[Image: p559032388-3.jpg]

[Image: p988088591-3.jpg]

[Image: p1049303739-3.jpg]

[Image: p606122742-3.jpg]

[Image: p912021108-3.jpg]

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Bump.. If my prices are off, Please let me know... I'll adjust

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DePews & one Everite still available!!

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