12-21-2013, 05:45 PM
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Trying to raise some last minute funds for Christmas...Not really that keen on selling the stubby. I just picked this one up off the b/s/t for $160 and have only used a couple times (w/ original box)...It is a great brush, ultra-soft Heritage hair with the backbone of 2-band. Prices include shipping CONUS

Rooney Heritage Stubby 3 $150 FIRM - 26mmX50mm SOLD

[Image: RHS3.jpg]

[Image: RHS3_2.jpg]

[Image: RHS3_4.jpg]

[Image: RHS3_3.jpg]

Gillette NEW LC Starter Kit - $75 - 24mmX50mm synthetic knot SOLD

Includes Restored fuller butterscotch, Gillette NEW LC, Stick Arko, 5 pack PolSilver SI & GSB, Small Suribachi bowl

[Image: SK3.jpg]

[Image: SK6.jpg]

[Image: SK4.jpg]

[Image: SK1.jpg]

[Image: SK2.jpg]

(small ding in handle)
[Image: SK5.jpg]

Please PM any questions you have. First PM saying I'll take it gets the items.

Thanks for looking,


Brush is SOLD...Starter kit still available.

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 12-25-2013, 06:02 AM
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